Nature Inspired Lighting to Bring the Outside In

When the sun isn’t up and you still want your home to feel natural and open, look to your lighting for ways to keep the outside in, day in and day out. From natural materials to literal formations of nature, your light fixtures can resemble the outdoors and help create the relaxing vibes you want in your home. Sometimes even lighting that uses a complimentary palette can qualify as nature-inspired. Still not sure what we’re talking about? Let us show you some examples and hopefully inspire your inner designer to select the perfect lighting for your home.


This driftwood table lamp is intricately beautiful. Its organic form and light toned finish reminds us of the ocean that washes up these tousled smooth branches. It is paired flawlessly with neutral tones throughout the bedroom and is the perfect addition to this collection.


This isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions nature-inspired lighting. The seeded glass can be used in a series of styles and we’re in love with its versatility. The seeded glass reminds us of water with its bubble-like appearance. It feels natural and can create a laid-back look that still looks fresh and charming. It also works beautifully in light colored spaces because the brightness bounces through the clear glass. This is why it also is great during the day when you want to keep the lights off because the natural light still reflects through the seeded glass and looks stunning doing so.


Via Source

This dandelion inspired pendant light will compliment almost any space with its ornate appearance and charming qualities. This is a glamorous twist on natural lighting. It’s still organic in style but brings in just the right amount of sparkle to please any itch for glam in your space. You won’t regret bringing a piece like this into your home.


Via Source

This elegant quartz crystal lighting choice, is the perfect statement piece for your modern home. It accentuates the other natural elements in the space and gives the perfect amount of luminescence to the room, without overdoing it. For more about using natural materials and stones in your home check out our blog post here. We love the classy organic feeling this brings into the dining area and would recommend this piece a thousand times.

We’d love to hear which of these fixtures you liked best and why. Post in the comments below or share pictures of your own favorite nature inspired lighting!

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