5 Interiors that Bring the Outside In

There are many ways to bring the outside in when designing your space, but sometimes its hard to find the right balance and make sure that all of the elements work together peacefully. There are also different styles of scenery that you can be mimicking your design after that can either translate into the space beautifully, or fall short because it doesn’t quite work with the space. Don’t get discouraged though because we’re here to inspire you and show you spaces where the designer has balanced everything gracefully to make it truly feel like you’ve arrived at your dream getaway.


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When you enter this kitchen you feel like you’re still in the forest with dark wood and layered natural stone surrounding you. This designer has touched into the rustic nature of the outdoors but kept it calming and peaceful like the depths of the redwood forest. It truly becomes a magical space where everyday feels like a getaway.


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This luxurious bathroom is not far from the inspiration of an enchanted forest. With the exposed raw wooden beams, you almost feel like you’re inside a tree in this secret little space. The crisp white only accentuates the beauty of the wood and gives a beautiful backdrop for the hints of greenery throughout the bathroom. The simplicity of the fixtures and the chrome finishes give an elegant touch to the space that you wouldn’t want to live without. The final accent of the faux fur rug has brought a classy animalistic vibe to the space that makes you feel with nature but also with your stylish side.


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This elegantly rich space will bring you deep into the amazon for a luscious experience full of greenery and lavish vibes. With rich shades of blues and greens this design combines the hues of the deepest waters of the ocean and the vibrancy of the lush foliage of the amazon. Welcome yourself to paradise every time you step into a room as grand as this space.


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On a much lighter note, literally, this space is reminiscent of the airiness of a large field of prairie grass mixed with the crisp salty breeze of the east coast. With its open concept and brightly illuminated space, this kitchen is the epitome of relaxation and comfort. Stick to the light tones of this space to recapture the light-hearted feeling to soothe the worries of the outside world.


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If you’re the kind of person that dreams about laying on the perfect patch of green grass, with the warmth of the sunlight touching your face, and a fresh breeze tousling through your hair then this outside in design is perfect for you. With gentle placements of greenery throughout this illuminated space of white and light colored wood, this space is an oasis of comfort and simplicity. Where lovely conversations can happen and daydreams are abundant, this designer has created the feeling of a beautiful day right in their own home.

We hope you were inspired by these spaces as much as we were. Bringing the outside in is something we believe is very important, even if very subtle. The home is a place for comfort and escape from the overwhelming stress and anxiety from day to day life. So close your eyes and think of the most relaxing invigorating place that you could drift away to. Take that place, that vision, and implement elements of it into your home design. Create your own getaway.

Now tell us about your oasis in the comments below. We also love to see pics if you feel so inclined to share.


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