9 Interiors with 2017 Trends

As we near the end of the first month of 2017, we thought it would be beneficial to recap some of this year’s popular trends in interior design. We will just touch base with a few, as there are so many up-and-coming trends this year and we look forward to seeing what else emerges as designers switch into full gear. Without further ado, here are 9 Interiors with 2017 trends:

  1. Bold Colors: Everything about this year is coming into the spotlight with a bang, including this popular trend. Adding pops of bright color into your home is a playful way to liven up the space and really make a statement in a potentially dull space.


  2. Mixing Patterns: While the world is mixing things up in every other aspect, we’re mixing it up in interior design and finding patterns that pair well together. Big bold patterns with tight intricate designs, or vice versa, is not only trendy but an exciting way to give some movement and texture into your space.
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  3. Black to Navy: We’re seeing black cool down a bit this year and navy being its replacement. Luckily black and navy can still work well together and no one has to completely ditch one or the other, but navy sure is making its presence known and we’re definitely not complaining about it.


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  4. Pantone’s Color of the Year: With new beginnings comes the new Pantone Color of the Year, and we’re so excited about this enlightening, fresh-new-start, yellow-green hue called Greenery. Its meaning and liveliness is more than appropriate for 2017’s interior design trends, as we are in need of this lush green tone in our humble abodes.

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  5. Natural Materials: Let your space be filled with natural materials, and you will feel an immense difference in the comfort of your space. Whether marble or dark woods, the luxuriousness of these materials will bring your space from drab to fab.

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  6. Faux Furs: This luxe trend is elegant and comforting. It’s the connection to nature without the harm of any animals, and who doesn’t love that? This trend can soften a space with some subtle texture or can be used to bring some class into a modern space.


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  7. White Kitchens: Brighten up the heart of the home with light tones, and variations of white. This palette opens up the space and creates a welcoming area to gather and prepare delicious meals. This trend helps keep the kitchen looking clean and classy, just as this space should.


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  8. Full Backsplash: Make your cleaning a breeze, and choose a stunner tile design or a gorgeous natural material for this 2017 trend: full backsplashes. So long are the days where you have to patch and paint dingy walls in one of the most high traffic spaces in your home. Whether you choose unique tile designs or a solid slab of marble, this trend is unbelievably beautiful, and we would recommend it a million times.


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  9. Outside-In: This trend pairs beautifully with the Pantone Color of the Year, but is also very important not only for the style of a space but the health benefits it provides. With air purifying qualities from bringing in home grown greeneries into your space, to the overall de-stressing qualities of mimicking nature in your designs, this trend will let you reap the benefits day to day.


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Stay tuned for emerging trends and we’ll be sure to keep you well informed of more ways you can bring these 2017 trends into your own space.

Share pictures in the comments below of spaces where you have already began to use these hot trends or of spaces that have these trendy styles and inspire your own interior design taste.


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