Bold, Creative, and Innovative: Making a Statement in Your Home

Interior design is an ever changing course of trends and styles that are influenced by socio-economic events, pop culture, environmental concerns and technological advances. This fluctuating entity is subject to the most groundbreaking artistic discoveries, and therefore produces unexpected, but praise-worthy, trends that we just can’t get enough of. Designers are thinking the bolder the better and are creating extraordinary spaces that will pave the way into the next generation. Being a designer, or any sort of creative individual, gives you the inherent privilege to break down barriers and expand horizons, as far as the visual world goes. We thought we might share with you some interiors that are fueling the design industry and confidently avoiding the norm.


Via Source


Via Source


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Via Source

Feel inspired yet? Some of these big bold choices may not be up your alley but some of these designs trickle down into smaller more accessible accents for your home, but we have to give props to the designers who brought it all to the table. These are the innovators, the creators, and the design atlas makers.

Comment below about which spaces stood out to you most, and if you think you could get on board with some of these advances in your own home.

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