Groundhog Predicts Long Winter

The 131 year tradition has once again brought us the prediction of 6 more weeks of winter. Phil the groundhog woke up this morning, crawled out of his hole, and saw his shadow. Depending on where you may live, this may not worry you much as the temperatures may not fluctuate as drastically as other locations. For some though, this can help prepare us for the worst (if Phil has predicted correctly that is…). For those of you who may be looking at some bitter cold days to come, we thought we might give you some ideas on how to keep your humble abode cozy and warm for just a bit longer.

  1. Faux Fur Accents: We’re talking big cozy blankets, fuzzy soft rugs, and plush pillows with faux fur of your choice. This is such an ideal and easy way to warm up your space. Get in touch with your animalistic side and keep your “fur” coat on until spring.


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  2. The Warmer the Colors, The Better: Keep those rich-in-color accents out and about to create a soothing experience that keeps you warm on those cold nights. Deep reds, luxurious oranges, confident yellows, and neutral browns will satisfy your need for emotional warmth in your home.


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  3. Layered Decor: Just like we layer our coats and scarves during those chilly days, we can also layer our home. Ideas to consider for your home may include thicker drapes to keep the warmth in, throw blankets galore, layered rugs, and even layered lighting. The feeling of closing in the space for winter is only natural, as this is how animals and humans alike prepare for the winter freeze.
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    Tell us how you plan to prepare for 6 more weeks of winter in the comments below.

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