Design Trends: Here to Stay or Just a Fad?

There are many design trends that make their way into our interiors, but quickly are replaced or fade away into oblivion. Some though, are as timeless as diamonds, and will endure any change of style with their versatility and charm. It’s hard to declare anything as fleeting as eventually most trends make their way back around the bend in some form or another. This being the case, today we will focus on what’s here to stay and also some trends that are making their way back into the swing of things.

  1. Modern Farmhouse: This style is often paired with rustic design, but its core can be  focused on a more gentle approach to distressed accents. Rustic can be very straight forward in its aged appearance, while modern farmhouse aims to appear as if only time and normal wear and tear has aged it. This is what we mean by a “more gentle” approach, and may be why it has stuck around. This style reminds many people of the comfort of their home and all of the memories made in that place. This style tends to be more prominent in central states where the countryside may not be far off and where a farmhouse may have been at one point.
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  2. Retro: Retro or Mid Century Modern is making its comeback and a very refined way. If a style can be retro and modern at the same time, this is what this design has exemplified. Taking from the spirit of the 60s and 70s, this modern day style has created the culmination of those funky days where odd angles and bright colors made their statement in the home. This exciting approach to interior design has us reminiscing the liveliness of the past and the poise of the future. Even if this style makes its way out again, we’re sure it’ll be back knocking at the door once again. It’s hard to deny the spunk of 60s and 70s.


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  3. Formal Dining Room: Although this isn’t necessarily a style, this tradition is found in almost any home. The ritual of eating dinner together has been the central purpose of this space for as long as most can rememeber. This is where important conversations, trade deals, and even terribly bad jokes have been shared. We can’t deny the importance of this space, and especially as we are becoming such a technologically driven society. The dining experience will never become and thing of the past, and the practice of designing the space with which we share these experiences in, will always be a top priority.


  4. Wallpaper: Ah, the wallpaper, some may despise this trend, some may just now falling in love with it. Wallpaper is notoriously known for its horrible applications, but also many are being exposed to the new and improved appearance. We’re just here to say that this trend is definitely back and its here with a bang (the kind we like…). Used as ornate decoration or a beautiful accent wall, this paper art has helped reinvent the possibilities of interior design.


  5. Crystal Chandeliers: The trend that will never die. This is a classic and timeless addition to any space. These beauties come in an assortment of styles thankfully and can be applied to virtually any room/home with ease and excitement. There isn’t a lot to say because this form of lighting speaks for itself and dazzles any of its viewers with its classy appearance.


Tell us what trends you’re swooning over, and what trends you think should hit the road in the comments below or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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