9 Retro Kitchens We Dig

Retro or Mid Century Modern, these stylish kitchens will knock your socks off. With their classy approach to a hip design, these interiors portray the frivolity of the funk and the simplicity of the modern world. Mid Century Modern is a style that has just recently made its way back onto the stage of interior design. It has qualities from a time period that many are fond of because of its lively nature, and also bring in the favorite aspects of modern and contemporary design to help carry it into the 21st century. We’ll just call it the futuristic yet nostalgic design that has wooed the masses.


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As you can see, this style covers an array of design applications. You can take this design in a more retro direction with vintage decor and appliances, or you can go more sleek and modernized mid century direction. Tell us what you think about this style and if you think it should stick around in the comments below!


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