5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Luxurious

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home and where they spend the majority of their time preparing, mingling, snacking or de-stressing. Depending on what your sense of style leans towards, typically your kitchen may become the epitome of your preferences. For those of you who prefer the luxurious and classic style, you can’t go wrong with these 5 essential ways to achieve the perfect design in your kitchen space.

  1. Choose a Backsplash: Of course the backsplash is a key element in designing your kitchen. Whether you choose a solid material or an elegantly designed tile, your backsplash can be the hit or miss in this space. For a luxurious approach, many choose to go with a clean and simple backsplash so as to let the rest of the kitchen exude the radiance and classiness they are aiming for. You may also choose to go the other direction and bring in luxurious materials for the backsplash and let them be a focal point in your space, allowing your cabinetry and other surfaces to remain more muted. We have seen many designers use gorgeous marble slabs for their backsplash and paired it stunningly with white cabinetry with gold or chrome hardware.


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  2. Pick the Right Colors: Whether you choose rich neutral tones or vibrant hues, your lavish space will benefit greatly from the right colors. There are multiple interpretations for luxurious and we aren’t here to bag on one or the other, but rather explore multiple different applications of this style. Rich neutrals (i.e. off-white, eggshell, beige, or cream) or even pastel tones bring us through a more English inspired elegance for the kitchen where marble, gold, and soft white petaled flowers may be found. If these light tones aren’t your style and your thoughts of luxury style spin from rich cultures where deep hues were prominent, then this may be the route for you. Deep purples and greens were used throughout history to recognize royalty or wealth, and this can still be applicable in today’s interiors.


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  3. Decorate Accordingly: Some may consider this the most exciting part of interior design. This is because you have the ability to pick everything in the home that completes the space, and none of it is as permanent as some of the other choices you may have made. We’re talking everything from the vase in the center of your island to the gold leg barstools, you have total and complete control over what is placed throughout the space and it can be a simple way to achieve a grand design. We can’t give much advice in this realm because this is the most personally driven application of taste and style in your home. We can recommend though, for a luxurious kitchen, to choose accents and decor that are classy, chic, and simplistic, because you do not want to overwhelm the beauty of kitchen itself. Less is more in this case, and luxury kitchens tend to look more chic with more minimal decor.
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    Kitchen with white cabinetry

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  4. Find a Surface Material: Here we’re talking about countertops, island, and flooring. What surfaces are going to pair well with your backsplash, and what floors will endure and still look pristine through the years? These are the questions to ask yourself when choosing your surface materials. You can never go wrong with marble, as this is a gorgeous choice for any space. As for flooring, dark wood is typically a go to for that lush look you want in your kitchen. Add a faux fur accent rug to spice things up a bit and to contrast phenomenally with dark woods.


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  5. Light the Space Appropriately: Last but not least, light your space properly. For a luxe kitchen you have all the options in the world, but we suggest big, bold, and ritzy. You can’t go wrong with crystals, gold, or brushed silver chandeliers or pendants to illuminate the heart of your home. Really dazzle your guests with your lighting and opt in for a stunning statement piece that takes your breath away. Once you find the right fixture, everything else will seem to fall into place, and your dream kitchen will all pull together in the blink of an eye.


Stay tuned for more ways to style your kitchen this week and don’t forget to comment below or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest trends of 2017!

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