Modern Farmhouse Kitchens We Love

Modern farmhouse is a popular style these days and its a timeless look that can make your space feel cozy and inviting all year round. Although the popularity of this style may be more concentrated in certain regions, it is still prominent across the board and is a go-to style choice for a family home. The rustic elements are only accentuated by the wear and tear of everyday life, especially with younger individuals around. This is not to say that this is not a clean design because it can cover all the bases from primitive to more clean and modern.


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This is more of a sleek modern farmhouse, but with the light rustic style wood flooring, criss cross paneled island, and wicker and linen covered seating, this space classifies as modern farmhouse. You can also tell the style by the coziness of the space and how inviting this kitchen is.


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This kitchen integrates more rustic details, but they play beautifully with the contrasting white elements such as the glistening marble counter tops and white appliances. Drawing from the farmhouse style though, this space has a large lantern for island lighting, an oversized farmhouse sink, a wood paneled accent wall, and a wooden oven hood. These gorgeous touches, pull together a remarkable modern farmhouse styled space.


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And then there’s the far more rustic take on the farmhouse design. This kitchen has incorporated textured tuscan-style tile for the flooring, a large farmhouse sink, and a dark distressed wooden beam alongside distressed eggshell toned cabinetry to pull together the ultimate farmhouse feeling. Not to mention the subtle details like the hanging pots and pans above the island and the exposed brick accents around the oven nook.

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