Accent Tables to Envy

Accent tables are practically a necessary addition to your living space. They hold our drinks, provide a  spot for our table lamps and small decor treasures, and take on their supporting role in your overall style showcase throughout the room. Strategically placed throughout your furniture arrangement, these small details will help polish off a well thought out interior design plan.

Things to consider when choosing your accent tables:

Visual Weight: Think carefully about how you pair your accent table with its coupling piece of furniture. For example, if you have a more dense and plush sofa we recommend an accent table this is scaled in the same manner. A delicate, thin-legged table will be overpowered and practically hidden by the larger size of your sofa. Instead find a sturdy design or a table with enough character to hold its weight in the pairing.


Likewise, if you have dainty seating option, pair it will a lighter, fine lined table so as to not take away from the design of the seating.


Via Source

Materials: There are endless options for the materials that make up your accent table. Marble, wood, bamboo, metal, acrylic, and glass are some of the most popular materials used to create these essential pieces of furniture. Choose the materials that pair best with your design route, and also consider the scale and weight of the materials when paired with other elements of your space.


Height: Aim to find an accent table that measures 3 inches above or below the arm of the chair or sofa they will be next to so that when seated you can reach the tabletop with ease.


Via Source

Tell us which accent tables stand out to you the most in the comments below. What materials have you incorporated into your design that would also pair beautifully with an accent table?


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