11 Ways Mirrors Reflect Your Style

There are many ways to decorate your home with mirrors and they fit in effortlessly with virtually any style out there. Whether you need a final touch to your design, have an empty space on your wall, or are looking to visually enlarge the space, mirrors are a great option to solve all of these problems. Mirror, mirror on the wall, which mirror is the best for us all?

In the Entryway


Make your entryway appear larger and more open as you welcome guests into your home. Also you can make sure you don’t have any fly aways before opening the door.


In A Nook with Decor


Many homes have a small nook or in-wall shelving that can be filled with decor, plants, pictures etc. This is the perfect opportunity to utilize a mirror and its space-opening abilities alongside some of your favorite decor treasures.


At Your Bedside


Many individuals have a lamp on their bedside table and we think its a brilliant idea to amplify the ambiance the lamp creates with a small decorative wall mirror. This helps create the comforting space that is your bedroom.


As a Stylistic Addition


Play off of stylistic elements in your design with a mirror that has character, like this art deco inspired piece. You won’t regret the small stylistic choices like this mirror, because they can make or break a design.


For Your Dining Space


Add a touch of mediterranean style to your dining space with this mirror or bring it in for an interesting focal point. It also reflects the light of the chandelier throughout the space, creating a charming feel.


As a Unique Flair In The Hallway


Don’t leave small spaces, like this hallway niche, unattended and without personality. This mirror portrays the perfect amount of class and sophistication in even the most unlikely of spaces.


Behind The Bar


Brighten up your bar space, and let a mirror reflect the classiness of your design. This helps the space feel lively and colorful as the reflections of guests and their tasty cocktails surround the bar top.


As an Artistic Piece


Let a ray of sunshine into your home, with an artistic and unique mirror such as this one. Many mirrors have sculptural elements built into their design and can play of the surrounding artwork in your home.


To Be A Decorative Window


Use mirrors as your own decorative windows to make the space feel airy and open. Just like windows, mirrors can add light and depth to your space, so don’t be afraid to place your own decorative windows wherever you may please.


To Make a Statement


Giant mirrors not only add the illusion of a huge space, but they also make a statement in your home. This triptych mirror ensemble creates a presence in the space that is undeniably stunning and inviting.


To Enlarge the Space


You can never go wrong with a floor to ceiling mirror. This truly is the most classic way to achieve the space-opening benefits of a mirror in your home.

Comment below and tell us what mirrors stood out to you most in and how you are utilizing these essential additions in your own home.

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