7 Crystal Chandeliers for Every Style

The most classic and timeless addition to your home is a crystal chandelier. For centuries, the chandelier has been the main source of light in the dining room. The term originates from the french word “chandelle” literally meaning “candle holder.” This is very fitting seeing as that chandeliers have been designed around their literal purpose since roughly the 14th century. The first chandelier was a simple hanging wooden structure with four points to hold candle sticks. We have come a long way since those days and have brought a whole new meaning to these decorative ornate fixtures.

Chandeliers have become synonymous with class and style, and even way-back-when were considered a fixture that only the wealthy could afford. Chandeliers quickly transformed into symbols of status and were viewed as piece of art with their added extravagance.

Ever wonder where the curls and swirls came from in the most decorative chandeliers? We can thank the Rococo style that emerged in the 18th century for all the intricate details that glass artists began to incorporate into their designs. Not to mention the use of bronze casted figures and flowers for the added element of the natural world.

Check out these 7 beautiful modern day chandeliers that can work with almost any style or design:


This classy take on the chandelier features crystal drops throughout and candlestick inspired sources of light. The curvatures are recognizable from the rococo style chandeliers we referred to from the 18th century. mariana-home-381265-rustic-glam-gold-crystal-chandelier-pendant-luxury

With a more art deco inspired design this chandelier is glamorous and classy. These designs will add a touch of opulence to any ordinary space without taking over the whole room.


Inspired by nature, this floral and crystal leaf adorned fixture will add a gentle elegance to your home.


Although this is not your typical chandelier, this 20’s inspired flashy fixture will woo any guest that steps into your home. Make your space feel as classy and stunning as you are, and let this unique source of light bring warmth and empowerment into your everyday life.


Similar to the first art deco inspired piece, this chandelier is uniquely modern and fashion forward. Its crisp clean approach to a dazzling design is exactly what our generation needs to bring the best of the past into the future.


Simple and sweet, this glam chandelier with a brushed nickel finish will play its role in the scheme of things, and offer the perfect amount of chicness.


Lastly a chandelier that will shower you in crystals and sparkling brilliance. Sometimes all you need is a beautiful focal point to pull together your entire design and in any dining space, this will simply take your breath away.


Just as a fun flashback, check out this beautiful painting of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife (1434) by Jan Van Eyck. In the background we can see a lavish brass chandelier that was included as a symbol of wealth as it was far from minimal and would have been very expensive at the time.




Tell us your thoughts on these beauties and the types of chandeliers that stand out to you the most. Comment below or visit us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to join in with the conversations.

Happy Friday!

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