5 Mid Century Modern Dining Rooms

Whether you call it retro or mid century modern, this flashback style is the culmination of the trendy stylization of the 60s and 70s paired with the crisp clean lines and geometric tendencies of modern day designs. There are many elements to bringing this style into your home and with each of these spaces we hope to inspire your inner designer and lover of the nostalgia.


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Take note of the geometric pattern of the area rug and the classic edison bulb light fixture in this space. These are common elements of a mid century modern design. Find a similar light fixture here if your digging this as much as we are.


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Color plays a big role in the world of retro, and in this space the combination of turquoise and orange are quite pleasing if we do say so ourselves. Also noteworthy are the cone-like legs of each chair which we will see in a few more dining rooms below.


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Like we said, cone-like legs come with these retro rooms and are quite charming paired with similar shaped patterns and forms throughout the space. We also are enjoying the pops of bright hues alongside some select darker woods that bring the classiness to the design that many can’t live without.


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Dial up the spunk in your space with a fun patterned wallpaper for a playfulness that will fuel your youthful side and bring joy to any guests upon arrival. Combined with the smooth modern taste of the light wood table and the crisp white seating this modern day dining space will surely satisfy your craving for exuberance and liveliness in your home.


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Simply chic, this take on mid century modern is as timeless as the style itself. Rich hues with colorful decor is the perfect way to achieve this, and, we must say, this minimalist approach is quite the charmer.

What are your thoughts on the mid century modern style? Let us know in the comments below or join in the conversations on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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