White House Interiors for President’s Day

Ever wonder what’s inside the walls of the White House? The colors, lighting, and decor that make up the interiors of this piece of history? Although they have not changed drastically, the rooms of this home are still classy and timeless and filled with historical paintings and artifacts. Each president has a different interior designer that comes in and offers their knowledge and expertise to subtly transform the space into the home into a design that best suits the current family residing there. We will show you a few of the hundreds of rooms in this huge home, because let’s be real now, we’d be here for days if we went over every single room. If only those walls could talk…


The Oval Office


The Living Room


The Master Bedroom


The Private Dining Room


The Treaty Room


The Yellow Oval Room


The Red Room


The Green Room


The Blue Room


The State Dining Room


The Map Room


The Diplomatic Room


The Palm Room


The Vermeil Room


Think you could live in this space? Tell us what you think of this historical beauty in the comment below, or tell us about any interior changes you would make in each room.

Happy President’s Day!

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