11 Modern + Contemporary Dining Spaces

If you prefer fashion forward clean lines and open concept spaces that exude the likeliness of our modern day, then here is a bit of inspiration for your designer side and what to do with your dining space. Filled with unique surprises and innovative style, these interiors are savvy and sweet in their appearance while also high-functioning spaces that keep you feeling relaxed and right at home. From the lighting choices to delicately curated works of art, pull your design together with all the essential elements for a polished and intentional look.



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In this open space, the designer has added their personal touches through the unique reverse-lily-pad styled light fixture and the illusion of wall embedded surrealist artwork. In a modern space the accents become more meaningful because there is less of them as we see in this modern dining space.


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Neutrals may become your best friend in this process by allowing you to create a soft and inviting aura through your modern designs. The layered lighting with buffet lamps and a linear pendant give the space an added option for ambiance.


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When working with an open concept layout, one must remember consistency when designing each space so as not to disrupt the overall flow of the space. With light wooded table and seating, and muted white pendant lighting, this dining space flows flawlessly with the rest of this home.


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A dining room doesn’t have to have space for an army to be beautiful and elegant. This four person table is perfect for a small family while orb-like light fixtures give it a bit of whimsy.
– Ngurah Arya


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Uncommon but beautiful, the rich blackness and drama of this dining space is unparalleled. Hinted with greenery and unexpected peeps of orange dipped interior walls of the pendant lighting, this room is dynamic and one-of-a-kind.


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This luxurious spin on a contemporary design has us convinced that clear tables are a trend to keep our eyes on. Without the confines of an opaque material, this table opens up the space and gives the room a sleek and chic vibe. A less expensive way to achieve this look is with the popular acrylic constructed furniture that is making its way into the design world with much praise.


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Keep the cozy elements of a home in your modern design like this designer has done. By having faux leather seating, wooden floors and wall paneling, this design combines the best of two worlds to reveal a sleek yet intimate dining space.


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Simple sweet, and relying on artistic accents, this dining room has the perfect additions of wall art and orb-like lighting to keep the design focused and intentional.


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A big trend in the modern + contemporary world is the chrome. It’s timeless and futuristic at the same time and acts as a reflective element in your design to show off your choice accent colors that you have placed throughout the space.


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Talk about a seamless design. This island to dining table combination is brilliant and charming, and allows food to come straight from the pan to the plate for a colorful presentation of your delicious ensemble. Simple and casual the use of dark wood paired with sleek off-white surface, this pairing is as lovely as the table-to-island duo it is centered around.


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Again with the chrome, but this time with a warmer copper color, this dining space is on the verge of modern industrial. By focusing on wood, white , and copper, this minimalist trio will please any organized and fashion-forward individual that needs a clean space for a clear mind.


Tell us what you think about these designs in the comments below and how you would incorporate modern + contemporary elements into your own home.


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