4 Elements of a Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

So you have a modern farmhouse styled kitchen and have begun to let the design trickle throughout your entire home, and then you arrive at the dining room and you aren’t quite sure where to begin. Well, luckily we’ve got some golden tips for your knowledge bank and the 4 essential elements to root your modern farmhouse styled dining space. These four pillars will help build a sturdy base for your design and allow you to only build upwards from then on, adding whatever decor and details that will pull the rest of the room together.

  1. Rustic Materials: An important design decision is the overall structure of your dining space and how it will pair with your modern farmhouse look. Consider the flooring, the color palette, the furniture, and how the materials of each will cohesively work together in the room. For this style in particular, many designers will aim towards the lived-in look, the worn or antiqued finish, or the raw appearance to give an earthiness that resonates with the “farmhouse” qualities. There is somewhat of a scale that you can base your decision off of when it comes to the modern farmhouse, as this style is a mixture of two independent design paths. You can lean more towards the rustic and homegrown, or you may be in favor of the more polished and modern take of this style. The overall choice is yours, but here are a few of our favorite approaches to the materials of this style in the dining space:


    Via Source


    Via Source
  2. The Perfect Dining Table: Referring back to the materials of your home, you must create a balanced look in your design by playing off of each aspect of the interior with each new addition. After you’ve solved the flooring and walls, the next most important role in the dining space is, of course, the dining table. This is where the the conversations and delicious delicacies will be shared, so it is of the upmost importance that this piece of furniture is chosen carefully and intentionally. So you’ve got wood all around you, and you need a little break up of the monotony of materials. Well in this case, consider an oil-rubbed bronze finish or a lightly distressed, white topped table to help create a more dynamic combo. Same goes for the opposite scenario: if you have white walls and neutral flooring, throw in a dark rustic wood table to heighten the quality and contrasts in your design.


    Via Source


    Via Source
  3. Key Lighting: What’s a beautifully designed space, with all your hard work and time put into it, without the proper lighting? With small details in the organic wood or the delicately distressed finish of the decor and accent furniture, all of this may be lost without the right dose of illumination on their surfaces. Natural light can only take the lighting so far into the day and then we must rely on our lighting choices to present the space and design in the best light. In the modern farmhouse style we often see lantern-like fixtures or large statement pieces that incorporate wood or metal to industrialize the look but also dial up the charm.


    Via Source


    Via Source
  4. Rural Art Subjects: Often you will find some piece of artwork in the dining space. This may be a presentation of a valuable heirloom to be visible for all guests, or it may be a display of a visually pleasing subject matter to spark conversation or just set the mood. In any case, the choice in your fine art can make or break a space depending on its presence and likability when given a lead role in your overall design. A good rule of thumb though, for a modern farmhouse style, is to choose a rural subject matter. Landscapes, animals, and still life paintings can all fit in when curated to fit your space and your home.
    Via Source
    Via Source

    Tell us what you think of the modern farmhouse look in the comments below and how you plan to incorporate this style in your dining room.

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