Creating Your Coastal Dining Room

Whether you live near the coast or are just in love with the refreshing coastal style, there are many ways you can incorporate this look into your home. More specifically today we will dive into how to create a coastal dining room, and how your interior choices can make you feel close to sea even if you are far from it physically. We love this easygoing, lighthearted approach to a space that can sometimes feel like the complete opposite. Sit back and relax, while we sail you through these design-filled waters of coastal living.



Let the outdoors pour into your space by choosing elements that play off of your scenery. Light woods and neutral palettes are a go-to design choice that is reminiscent of sandy beaches, salty air, and rocky coasts. Also with these lighter hues, the natural light has room to bounce off of the walls and illuminate the entire space, making it feel open and refreshing.

In this dining room, the floor may remind us of the smooth surface of driftwood and how the sea has so delicately softened it with each crashing wave. The large windows also let the light pour in and offer a beautiful view of the luscious greenery just feet away. For when sundown arrives, the designer has intentionally chosen a soft silver finished pendant light that flows naturally with the rest of the room, while also offering an ambient source of light and a unique addition to the space.


Rise + Shine

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One of the perks of this being such a laid back style is the infinite possibilities and approaches to creating your own space. One way to accomplish the care free spirit in your coastal design is to mix and match and find the perfect contrasts that are playful and charming. A mixture of seating options is a simple way to bring in a sense of a curated design and the impression that this collection of pieces took time, making each addition meaningful and full of character.



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If you’re just going for the bright and breezy look, stick to simple whites and soft light-colored curtains that will billow in the wind when you open up the windows. This dining space is simple and elegant while still achieving the coastal feel through its design. The soft silver lantern adds a charming quality to the room making it a more of formal dining setting yet still creating a relaxing space. (Find a similar lighting fixture here) Fresh flowers are always a perfect final touch to bring the outdoors in and freshen up the air and the mood in your dining room.


Tell us what you think of the coastal style, and how it well it works in the dining room, in the comments below.


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