Nature Inspired Dining Rooms

One of the most popular trends of 2017 is “bringing the outside in” when designing your home, which is why we wanted to show you some dining spaces that were inspired by nature. Whether you use materials that are directly from nature, find a neutral color palette that resembles the great outdoors, or literally fill your space with growing greeneries, you are sure to find some inspiration in these interior designs. For more information on why bringing the outside in is so beneficial, read our post here.



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Use artwork to bring in a natural element like this abstract neutral toned painting has done for this dining space. Also the subtle accents of branches, potted plants, and an organically shaped light source, help create this laid back room.


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Feel like your in a luscious garden everyday by filling your home with leafy plants and bright florals. This inviting dining space is the perfect setting for a spring brunch or an afternoon tea.


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Rustic and charming, this home literally has brought the outside in with its tree trunk base for the dining table and animalistic inspired decor. You’ll feel right at home in this cozy space.


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Most obviously we can note the centerpiece and how it, of course, is nature inspired. But what we may also attribute to this beautiful design is the marble-like pattern of the accent wall in this dining room. This is a simple yet bold way to incorporate the natural elements into your design without spending a fortune.


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With choice photography on the walls and delicate potted plants, this modern and somewhat Scandinavian take on a nature-inspired design is beautifully simplistic and refreshing.

Tell us, in the comments below, what you think about these interiors, and how well this style works in the dining space.

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