Makeover Your Space with New Furniture

There is an endless amount of possibilities on how to recreate your space. Whether you go for an easy paint change, a rearranging of furniture or a full blown remodel of the the room, you surely will enjoy the change of scenery. Makeovers are meant to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized in your living space, and most commonly happen as spring approaches. We are inspired by the makeover that mother nature provides with blooming flowers and creatures awakening from their deep winter slumbers. A great place to start with a new and improved design is to find some new staple pieces of furniture. These key pieces in your space can help you set the tone for the room and build a sturdy basis to build from.


Maybe what your room needs is a new headboard and a bedside table to compliment it? Notice how the fabric covered headboard has the same cream color as the accent inlay of the bedside table. These are the small details that help pull a room together. Sometimes they may go unnoticed as we tend to look at the entire space, but these intricate details bind together the very fibers of every single element in the room. Designers really have a keen eye for these qualities and know how to mix and match them to create a cohesive space.


Who knows, maybe it’s time for a new coffee table and chairs to brighten up your living room. Whether you purchase, repurpose, or rearrange, furniture can be the key to a much needed facelift for your interior design. If you have access to storage you can even take advantage of the possibilities of swapping out furniture for different seasons. Even if it’s just two chairs that have two different styles, they can make a huge difference in the feel and appearance of your space.

Tell us how you plan to give your space a makeover for the spring and if you have any tips or tricks for a design facelift.


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