Does Your Kitchen Lighting Need an Upgrade?

We all know that the time comes when we just need a change in our surroundings. Life may become somewhat monotonous and you may feel like your home designs are stuck in a rut or simply need an update. One of the most satisfying and rewarding feelings is rearranging your space or finding ways to make the whole room feel new again. The invigorating feeling you get when you move into a new home or even paint the walls is indescribable and it’s hard not to agree that this change in scenery can be even beneficial to our mental state. Our lives are continuously adjusting and growing with whatever may be going on at the time, and with those changes comes the eagerness to reevaluate spaces that remind us of the past. Today is a new day and we want our home to remind us of that, so without further ado we would like to let you in on this simple way to revamp your room with one key element: your lighting.

Willis Construction-Mariana Home-crystal-kitchen-island-pendant-light

With spring weather brewing and the season of “new beginnings” upon us, we are more intrigued than ever with makeover tips and tricks for the home. As we spring clean and reorganize our lives (that can sometimes get cluttered over the winter) we turn to new ways to refresh our living spaces. This may apply to many other rooms in your home but one of the most prominent spaces in your home is the kitchen, which is why we are focusing on all of the lighting opportunities in this high-traffic location. Upgrading your lighting can be as transformational as painting the walls, not to mention can be done in half the time.

CecilRayHomes_163-Mariana Home-260173-small-bar-pendants-industrial-style-seeded-glass

First things first, the brightest light in the room is typically your island lighting or other main source of lighting. Whether you have a semi-flush mount lighting or pendant lights, there is always room to switch it up and find something that better suits your current taste in design. For example, if you have an island and you built or moved into your home  5-10 years ago, it is common that your lighting choice may have been a more traditional style or in a finish that was more popular at the time. Do not fret, because the options have only become more abundant over time. There are even traditional fixtures that are gearing towards a more modern look, which we call the transitional style.

CecilRayHomes_177-Mariana Home-260173-seeded-glass-industrial-small-pendants

No matter what your preferences have transformed into, there is a perfect lighting choice to pair with them. A few different ways you can bring more light into your space is with a decorative flush mount, multiple pendants, a statement chandelier piece, or two or three mini chandeliers. This may all seem overwhelming at first but things will start to fall into place and we hope that with a little inspiration and visualization of these different lighting choices, you’ll be headed in the right direction to revamp your kitchen look and feel.

Willis15005Chad_009-Mariana Home-crystal-chandelier-pendant-lighting-modern-glam-kitchen

Secondly, and certainly just as important, is your under-cabinet lighting and other task lighting throughout your kitchen. It is important to be able to see what you are doing but also just as important for your design to highlight your countertops, backsplash in cabinetry. There are many approaches to this application of lighting and with new and improved methods of illumination, we’re sure that one of the numerous options will win you over.

Willis15005Chad_012-Mariana Home-crystal-chandelier-pendant-lighting-modern-glam

You can use LED tape, rope, or bar lighting, puck lights, or track lighting to highlight key spots in your kitchen. All forms of LED lighting that we have mentioned typically are used for under cabinet and above cabinet task or accent lights to give the space dimension and ambiance while lighting up your work area. Puck lights are often found inside cabinets, in deep drawers, and in kitchen shelving to illuminate for visibility and style. Track lighting, which is great for focused lighting, can be used to spotlight beautiful cabinetry or fine art in the kitchen.

SymphonyShowhouse_038-Mariana Home-dining-room-pendant-light

Lastly, there are decorative opportunities in the kitchen to utilize unique pendant lights for added charm and the final personal touch to your design. Whether you need lights near your large sink, or have counter space that needs and extra something-something, pendant lights can be the best thing you ever did to complete your bright new space. There are an endless amount of options when it comes to pendant lighting, so find one or two or a few that you love, we promise you won’t regret it.

Tell us how you are feeling about your current design and if you need a simple upgrade that will change everything about how your kitchen looks and feels. Spring is here, so why not refresh your design and let your kitchen blossom with light and style?

One thought on “Does Your Kitchen Lighting Need an Upgrade?

  1. Spring is coming up, it’s my favourite season to refresh my rooms and do up my furniture and lights. Your pictures are a good starting point, I’m inspired especially by the third photo, I really love this kitchen and these lights!


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