30 Lovely Lamps for Your Bedroom

There are many ways to pull together a design in your bedroom but one of the easiest is to find the perfect bedside or accent lamp that matches your style and personality. Whether you are in need of a pop of color or just want to be able to read your book before hitting the hay, the right lamp could be just the thing you are missing. With an assortment of sizes, forms, and colors there is sure to be a lovely lamp that was made just for you.

Koehler16105Carn_029-Mariana Home-140013-crystal-table-lamp-wooden-side-chest-floral-patterns

When looking for a lamp you need to consider the dimensions, the efficiency of the bulb, and how its overall appearance fits in with your space. Often your bedside table is around the same height as your bed, making the lamp height sweet-spot around 24in-28in. This is just something to work off of because the height of mattresses and bedside tables vary widely. A good rule of thumb for finding the right the height is to find a lamp where the bottom of its shade lines up with your chin while you are sitting on the bed. This helps avoid the bright glare of the bulb and creates an ideal focused task lighting. As for the bulb, this will ultimately be your choice because you will know best what type of light you prefer or if cost efficiency is the top priority. Lastly, make sure that the lamp fits in with your design. It could have all the other qualities you desire but one thing could totally throw off the vibe you have going in your space, so be on the lookout for the right style to compliment your bedroom.

You’re in luck today, as we have many lamps to show you: from a glimpse of our new collection to a peek at our classics, let the lamp shopping begin…

Shop Our New Collection (2)

Shop the New Collection: 1. Celine Table Lamp 2. Loreli Table Lamp 3. Audra Table Lamp 4. Celine Table Lamp 5. Orbit Table Lamp 6. Isla Table Lamp 7. Asher Table Lamp 8. Benevolant Table Lamp 9. Isabella Table Lamp 10. Spiral Table Lamp 11. Cynthia Table Lamp 12. Babette Table Lamp 13. Anabelle Table Lamp 14. Paris Table Lamp 15. Preston Table Lamp

Shop Our Classics

Shop the Classics: 1. Cairus Table Lamp 2. Camden Table Lamp 3. Dorie Table Lamp 4. Eliza Table Lamp 5. Calypso Table Lamp 6. Ogden Table Lamp 7. Daphne Table Lamp 8. Deidra Table Lamp 9. Liam Table Lamp 10. Lilly Table Lamp 11. Daphne Table Lamp 12. Delilah Table Lamp 13. Miranda Table Lamp 14. Jordan Table Lamp 15. Dresden Table Lamp

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