How + Why: 2017 Color Trends in Your Bedroom

At the end of the day, sometimes all we need is a break–time to step away from social interactions and just relax in the comfort of our home. Often we find this seclusion in our bedroom–a place that becomes a retreat and a space to unwind. We are particular to our bedding so that it is the most comfortable place to lie down, whether for a full night’s sleep or a power nap before the evening festivities. But have you ever thought to consider the impact that the entire room has on your mood and comfort level, and more specifically the color that covers the walls of this space?

Many color experts base their research and studies on many factors, but predominantly on how they affect our mood and well-being. Often we overlook the importance of each hue and that from the color of our phone case to the color of our toothbrush, we choose every one for a reason. For some cause or purpose we are drawn to certain colors that pertain to our personality and the complexities of our psyche. Excitingly enough, these traits change and transform as we age, and along with it, our preference of hues changes as well. For example, when you were younger, if you had the choice to paint your walls any color, you may have chosen lime green or fluorescent fuchsia. Unless you still have a very child-like spirit with a spunky personality to match, you most likely would not choose these tones for your new home. This is because of of years of influence, big or small, that helped develop and create your fine-tuned taste for design and most importantly, your preference in hues.

Our preference in color impacts everyday decisions and also plays a large role in more permanent and influential decisions, like what color you paint your bedroom walls. In a space as personal and secluded as your place of rest and recharge, it is essential that you create a space that embodies your ultimate idea of comfort and the unique qualities that make you, you. It may take a well thought out process to deliberate and come to a final decision, but the time will be well worth it as you will rest easy in a space that is calming and illustrative of who you are as an individual (or who you and your partner are as a couple).

A tidbit of information to consider when choosing your bedroom color, and then we will cover a few of the trending 2017 bedroom colors:

  • Certain colors can actually affect how you sleep. If you toss and turn at night, this may be a good tip to follow: cool colors help you relax or in this case, get a good night’s sleep.

“Cool colors bring you into yourself, while warm colors are more suited for social rooms where you want to stimulate communication and creativity.”

-Ellen Kennon, owner of Full Spectrum Paints

  • Based on sleep studies, purple was shown to be the least restful bedroom color while primary colors and stark whites were associated with high blood pressure. Doesn’t sound very peaceful, does it?

Science may say one thing, but in the end you should always choose a color that has a positive feeling associated with it. It is important to look for inspiration to find colors that you may not have even known existed, or to see how a color may look when actually put on a wall. Most paint manufacturers have resources and their own two cents to contribute to the influence pool as well. Take advantage of multiple sources of information so that you can make an educated, but also a rewarding, color choice for your bedroom. We’d like to point you in a few directions while also covering a few top trending colors for your bedroom in 2017.


Being a cool color, you can’t go wrong with the endless shades + hues of all the blues. Being blue doesn’t have to be a bad thing anymore with such a beautiful sensuous palette, any sort of blues in the bedroom can only lead to peaceful conclusions.



Neutrals suit many homeowners because of their versatility and soothing quality. Being reminiscent of natural elements, these tones help bring in the outdoors and connect us with nature. This also allows for the opportunity to find accent colors that are a little more playful as neutrals rarely clash with other hues.




Similar to the neutrals, you can’t go wrong with grays and whites. We’re sure you wondering how whites can really be classified as a color, but you’d be surprised how different whites can affect us in different ways. Again you need to consider what appeals to you the most, and what tone you prefer. It is a well-known design tip that darker colors will close in a space making it appear smaller, while lighter colors, and in this case the whites + grays, will make your space look larger and more open. Not to mention, by using these colors, you are creating a blank canvas in your space to add whatever artwork, decor, or furniture without worrying about them disrupting the overall design.



Surprisingly a well-loved color for the bedroom, this unique series of shades will liven up your space with refreshing vibes and a charming appearance. Greens have become a go-to source for happiness and serenity. With options to go bold or more glamorous, it will be hard to avoid using this color in your home, if not in your bedroom first.

When it comes to home decor and bedroom styling I like my room to depict a clean, fresh ambience and provide a good air flow. My bedroom is where I go to unwind and read and it’s important that the space correlates with my wellbeing and mood. I adore neutral coloured bedrooms, with delicate pieces of furniture and accessories. Lighting and the ambience it provides is really important and I do recommend up to three different lighting focal points within a room, ranging from ceiling lights to bedside lamps. It’s also fun to play with a variety of different lightbulbs so that you can have a choice of whether to have a bright light on or something softer to suit your mood.

-Natalia Jane, Interior Blogger

Now that we’ve provided you with a plethora of information to help guide you towards the perfect color for you, go spend some time in your bedroom and really consider how the space makes you feel. Once you’ve taken mental notes, take a trip to your local paint source, or start a board on Pinterest or an Ideabook on Houzz, and start to really dive into the meanings of each color to you. The possibilities are endless and in the end, only you will know the key to rest and relaxation in your bedroom.

Tell us in the comments below what colors really speak to you and how they make you feel. We also love to see bedroom makeovers, so feel free to share pics and any end-of-the-project tips or tricks.

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