Essential Natural Elements for Your Bathroom Makeover

Happy Spring! Today was the official Spring equinox, marking the first day of Spring. We are excited to turn the page into a new season and celebrate all the beautiful transformations that will follow, whether mother nature’s version or our own. Spring is a time of reawakening and revitalizing, and there are so many impactful changes that can start right within your own home. This month alone we’ve covered living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, and for this first week of Spring, we thought, “there’s no better time to talk about a space of cleansing and refreshment,” and dive into bathroom makeovers.


With flowers blooming and streams beginning to flow again, we are called to be inspired by nature during this beautiful time of year. Our bathroom, the place where we wash away all our worries and prepare for each new day, is a space that we must not neglect. By incorporating natural elements into our design, we can bring the feeling of this space to an elevated level of peacefulness and solace. This aura can be essential to the well being of our mental health and the overall quality of our day. By allowing your space to aide in the preparation for our daily interactions, we are welcoming a calmness into our lives that can be nothing short of beneficial.

While we spend our lifetime searching for ways to destress our mind and body, whether through yoga, meditation, or simply closing our eyes, we must first consider the bigger picture. How is our home, the space where we spend so much of our time in, affecting us? How are the colors, the materials, and the decor, playing a role in your mood? These are necessary things to consider when designing your home.


Today we will apply these  considerations to the bathroom, and how we can incorporate natural elements to alleviate the weight of our daily lives.

With Your Lighting

Your lighting options are endless for vanity or other bathroom fixtures making it possible to incorporate nature into your design. With natural forms consistently influencing lighting designs you can easily navigate through your options and find a fixture that enhances your overall design. One noteworthy selection you may keep your eye out for is seeded glass. This glass is evocative of water or a babbling brook through its bubbled appearance. In a space that is centered around its sources of water, you can’t go wrong with designs that are centered around this essential element. Seeded glass is usually made by a process of incorporating air between many layer of molten glass. The result is a beautiful bubbled appearance that is perfect for bathroom designs.

CecilRayHomes_177-Mariana Home-260173-seeded-glass-industrial-small-pendants

Another way to incorporate natural elements into your design is with fixtures that mimics forms found in the outdoors. Whether floral or foliage, there are many options for lighting that bring nature into your home. Don’t fear more elaborate lighting options, like chandeliers and pendants to glam up your space. This nature-inspired chandelier can really make a statement in your design:


For a look at at a how a chandelier can work into your bathroom space, check out this fabulous design:


With Your Surfaces

There are many opportunities to incorporate natural elements through your surface materials. We’re talking countertops and floors, which play a lead role in the overall design of your space. Some popular components for your surfaces are marble, wood, granite, and concrete. Your options do not end here though, because there are non-natural materials that you can use that, in the end, simply enhance the beauty of the surrounding natural elements. Typically these are your glass, tile, and faux stone materials that play the supporting role in your nature-inspired bathroom. Often you will even find designs that bring in pebbles or stones for their shower flooring to simulate the feeling of walking over a river bed or through a stream of water. It’s massaging effects are only amplified by the beauty of their appearance.


With Your Colors

Most obviously, you can always turn to a neutral palette to resonate with the great outdoors. Hues of browns, whites, and greens are go to colors for your bathroom walls. Depending on the size of your of space you can go for a lighter hue to open up to space or a darker color to make a larger room feel more cozy. Don’t feel limited to one palette, as you should choose a scheme that speaks to you and makes you feel refreshed and comfortable.


With Your Decor

Finish your spring bathroom makeover design with the perfect natural accents and decor. We think that this is the most fun part of your transformation because you can really get creative and eclectic with your choices. Some of our favorite pieces of decor are natural driftwood, formed rock candle votives, agate soap dishes, little succulents, and twig inspired hardware for your cabinetry. Also, large green plants are a must for that clean air goodness we naturally crave. All of these decor choices will make or break your feel good vibes you want flowing throughout your space, so be wise in your decisions but don’t ignore those small additions that make you happy.



Recently we all are experiencing a growing desire to reconnect with nature. The Pantone choice for Colour of the Year 2017 confirmed it too. I expect this feeling to coincide with our design and home decor in 2017. Expect to see a lot of wood as a main material, but perhaps with a super smooth finish. Combine this with white and metallic details and these materials are the ones to watch next year. 

Alessandra Barlassina – Gucki


All things considered, you are well on your way to creating a stunning nature inspired oasis, where your worries will be washed away and you will gracefully begin your day. Each element is essential to your overall design, and with the right choices you will be confident in your refreshed space and be reminded that nature should be our number once source of inspiration in all our creative endeavors.

In the comments below, tell us how you incorporate natural elements into your designs and how they affect the overall feeling of your design.

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