4 Essential Pieces of Furniture for Your Master Bath

Every master bath has a unique style that resonates with each homeowner’s personality and preferences. Often the design of the master bedroom will carry over to the master bath, but sometimes this is not the case. Some see their master bath as an opportunity for a whole new twist on their design and as space to experiment with. There are many elements that pull the entire room together such as the lighting, color palette, and decor. Although one component that often goes unnoticed is the furniture that aides in the structure of the space. Here are a few essential pieces that are fashionable while also serving a functional purpose in your master bathroom:

 Shelving For Bath Necessities

Shelving is always necessary, for towels, soaps, lotions, or any other toiletries that is for daily use. Making these within reach is not only helpful but lets your morning or evening go as smoothly as possible. You can have cubby-like storage, floating shelves, or built-in structures that make your design look seamless.

Seating for Morning Rituals & Makeovers

We all have our morning and evening routines that somehow we cannot veer from no matter how hard we may try. For a comfortable transition into or out’ve your busy day, make your master bath a place to sit back and relax as you go about your morning or evening ritual.

Side Tables for Accents & Decor

There is always a need for an extra surface, whether for simple decor or reachable toiletries such as soap or towels while taking a bath. While some may prefer a more functional purpose for their side table, others choose to decorate their space with small accents or greeneries for added charm and style.

Free Standing Towel Racks for Convenience

I’m sure you’re wondering why free standing towel racks are so important because often homes already have built in racks or linen closets for all our storage needs. The real question though, is if you’ve considered how convenient it would be to have your towels all hanging right out side your shower door or just over the edge of the tub? How many times have you had to walk over to the other side of the room to get your towel or had to place it on the floor next to the tub to be able to use it once you step out? Here lies the answer to all your towel troubles.

 In the comments below, tell us which piece of furniture you would pick up first for your master bath design. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Houzz for daily design inspiration and info.

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