4 Trending Colors for Your Bathroom Makeover

Let’s talk about how to start off on the right foot each morning. We literally mean the first space you walk into, and how it can set the tone for the rest of your day. The colors, the textures, and the lighting all play a role in how the next 24 hours will pan out. They can affect your overall outlook on the day’s activities and responsibilities, and may add a positive or negative influence to your mindset. One of the most prominent factors though is the color of your space. Different hues can have a huge impact on the psyche, whether directly or subconsciously. Somedays its effects go unnoticed but on others you just can’t ignore it.

It’s kind’ve like the seasonal blues. If you’ve ever experienced this whirlwind of ups and downs, you know what we mean when we say that that roller coaster is not one your want to stay on for long. Without the good old vitamin D from the warm rays of sunlight, some are left feeling deprived of their  happiness and positivity. For those who are affected by the darkness of winter, they will find themselves unmotivated and sluggish. It can affect your focus and overall mentality towards your day to day activities.

Now we are not here to say that the color of your bathroom can have as immense effects as something that comes down to chemical imbalances in the body due to the lacking of certain vitamins. This simply would be a lie, but we do want to educate and encourage mindfulness around the effects of different hues that you surround yourself with. Just as a lack of vitamin D can lower our patience for daily interactions and tasks, the colors on the walls can leave you in a sour mood or overwhelm you before you even walk out the door.

There is an endless amount of colors to choose from, and it can be a stressful event to come home with a stack of paint samples. To help alleviate the weight of your decision we wanted to share 7 trending colors for your bathroom makeover, and how each hue could impact your day.

Blue Hues

Being in the cool colored family, the blues don’t have to be a negative thing anymore because these calming and laid back shades are the farthest thing from gloomy. With designers leaning towards navy, royal, and light blues, you don’t have to look far for inspiration, whether on Houzz or on their own design pages. By sticking to the lighter side of things, you allow your space to feel more open and bright, while the darker shades create a more intimate cozy experience. It really all boils down to your personal preferences and the overall purpose of the room. Not to mention, blues are said to help lower blood pressure, heart rate and slow down your breathing all contributing to a relaxed state. Who wouldn’t want that?

White + Bright

Surely we are not the only ones who enjoy a clean bright bathroom in the morning. There are many things that connect us with nature and when designing the bathroom, many homeowners incorporate a great source of natural light and other elements that bring the outside in. One way to accentuate the sunlight is with white because the light bounces off the bright walls and fills your space. White makes a room feel airy and tranquil, but this is not to say that you can’t play up the room with colorful decor or accents like fresh flowers. As a matter of fact, white walls makes a perfect canvas for all of the other colors you wish to bring into your space.


Greens are known to help relieve stress and encourage unwinding, which sounds great after a long day right? It also sounds like a nice way to start off the day, and prepare for it with a clear mind by releasing all the worries of yesterday. Green is a lively hue that promotes happiness and success, so its a great color for a mood boost if you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. No wonder Pantone chose greenery as the color of the year.


Natural Neutrals

This family of hues covers a broad spectrum, as this includes all of your browns, grays, and off whites. What you may not know is that neutrals can also refer to other hues such as your beiges and blacks. When we refer to these as a trend, we must clarify that most are popular but not all. Light grays, creams, beiges, and ebony are making their mark in the design world largely because of their timeless quality. Something that they all have in common is that they can be considered earth tones, and that they all can connect us with nature in some way. You can’t go wrong with a neutral space as it will have a neutral effect on your well being bringing absolutely no negativity into your life.

Comment below and tell us what colors you have considered and if there are any hesitations you may have. We love to hear about your completed, ongoing, or planned transformations in your home. Feel free to share pics and details with us here or through our social pages.

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