15 Unique Mirrors for Your Bathroom Design

Mirrors are a must have in your bathroom space, but often they fall short of the style you desire. Often this is due to lack of resources or time to consider all of your options. Your mirror should contribute to the fluid and harmonious design in your bathroom. As a way to really bring your personality and flair into your design, don’t neglect this opportunity to fine tune your space. We hope that these 15 stylish mirrors will inspire you and help shed some light on how you can incorporate your not-so-standard mirrors into your own unique design.

EvanTalan15009Chad_113-Mariana Home-151006-mirror-art-noveau-traditional-modern


This art deco inspired mirror will truly make a statement in your bathroom.



















A classic design with an
extra flair, this mirror
will work in virtually
any space.

Mariana Home-210154-soft-gold-oval-framed-mirror-texture-statement-glam










With a bubbled texture this oval mirror will give your design notes of playfulness and relaxation.









This beautifully framed mirror will add the perfect amount of style to your bathroom design.












It’s all in the details. This simple yet stylish mirror has just the right touch of gold, and pairs perfectly with small decor.














If you’re looking for a romantic styled mirror with
an antiqued finish, then look no further. This mirror is sure to add a sophisticated twist to your bathroom design without overwhelming the space.









If your design is very natural
and organic, than this sculptural
frame will do wonders for your
space. With an oil rubbed finish,
the Addison mirror will compliment your style and choice of colors in your bathroom.








A glamorous mirror for a
glamorous space. This gold
leaf framed mirror will pull
your design together with its
suave appearance.

Willis16111Carn_139-Mariana Home-statement-bathroom-mirror-luxury-modern-glam-pendant-lighting








Every inch of this charming mirror is elegantly designed. From the tiled edge to
the unique shape, its endearing appearance is
sure to add just the flair
you have been searching for.













This sophisticated work of
art is simply stunning,
and the perfect addition
for a classy design. With
its decorative framing, this mirror is unlike any other
and will surely make a
statement in your
bathroom design.










For a chic and minimalist
approach to your mirror
choice, find a timeless
design such as this. Its
sleek qualities allow it
to be versatile and work
with almost any style.

ZaissDesign_060-Mariana Home-rectangle-framed-mirror-bathroom-mirror-wall-sconces-bathroom-lighting








If you’re not so much
a fan of the large frames
and would rather just have
the full piece be all
mirror, than here is a
lovely option that still has
the right amount of
style and class.









Don’t forget to play off of
similar shapes in your
design. This mirror is
perfect for the more
linear focused bathrooms
that may need a little
something extra to
tie it all together.

Mariana Home-340057-classic-mid-century-modern-wall-mirror








For our mid-century modern lovers, this retro styled mirror is sure to please. With its sleek brush silver and white frame, this will fit into any modern or retro space.

ZaissDesign_064-Mariana Home-framed-decorative-mirror-master-bathroom









A traditional shape with a modern feel depicts this glamorous mirror. Classy and chic, this mirror will add some style to any space.











Tell us in the comments below if you think you could get away with a more stylish mirror in your bathroom space and if any of these stood out to you.

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