15 Chandeliers for Your Outdoor Living Space

Creating an outdoor living space has surfaced as one of the top trends of the decade. Pulling together an area that has the luxuriousness of our indoor designs with the beautiful elements of mother nature, make for the ultimate oasis just outside our backdoors. With potential to include dining, bar, and kitchen set ups, your outdoor space can provide the comfort and accessibility that is more than ideal for relaxation and entertainment. Your personality and taste in style doesn’t have to stop at the door. They can extend throughout your entire property, beautifying all that is your home sweet home.

Many homeowners have taken a interest in creating their dream outdoor space and have began to make it feel more and more like the comfort of their indoor design. We’re talking classy furnishings, ornate lighting, stunning materials, and a sharp eye for the little details. One statement making element that we think can really make your outdoor space stand out from the rest is the chandelier or pendant that pulls together this new refreshing room. Just as there is a fixture for any personality or style for interior design, there is of course the perfect one for your outside design. Here are some of our favorite outdoor spaces and their lovely ambient lighting to match:


The Chic Eclectic

This bubbly formation is for the daring and eclectic folk who find enjoyment out’ve the odd things in life. Creating this colorful arrangement is sure to be an exciting endeavor as you hunt for each tidbit of eccentricity to throw into the mix and make it perfectly customized to your liking.

The “Wonderland Tea Party” Style

So you enjoy falling down rabbit holes and having quirky encounters. This space is the ultimate tea party set up for those artistic individuals who like to mix up the punch bowl with wild berries and tango mangos. This topsy turvy method of positioning your chandelier may be just how you like it. Don’t feel like you have to conform to stylish trends. Instead make your outdoor space uniquely, you.

The Cozy Traditionalist

So traditional is just how you like it. Comfy, collected, and just rustic enough to make you feel right at home. With warm neutrals making up your space, an oil rubbed bronze chandelier is perfect for your cozy traditional design.

The Tuscan Getaway

Inspired by the luscious vineyards of Tuscany, this patio design will take you to a place of relaxation and hopefully lots of delicious wines. (We can dream, right?) With a warm glowing chandelier that reminds us of that final glimpse of the sun as it descends beneath the tops of rolling hills, you truly can’t go wrong with this statement making piece.

The Classy Cottage

Pulling in the elements of comfy cottages, this outdoor patio is fully equipped with everything you need enjoy the fresh air and get in some good ol’ fashioned home cooking. (Not to mention, you can even throw the dishes in the dishwasher when you are finished.) Although this space has some high tech additions, its roots are in the cottage style design that includes the dark woods, cottage cabinetry, and a oil rubbed bronze chandelier to give it a charming quality.

The Desert Oasis

If you know the dry heat, like many of us have experienced, then you know the benefits of this and how you are less limited to the time spent outdoors. The humidity can make it hard to breath in the peak of the day, but the desert heat can be combatted with air flow, and in the evening it cools off just enough to light a fire and enjoy some company. This nature inspired design is balanced with a sculptural metal pendant light source that mimics the undulating motions of bodies of water. Don’t avoid these unique pieces, as they may be just what your design is lacking.

The Garden Getaway

This space is ideal for those who just can’t avoid the greenery of their gardens, and the fulfilling feeling of seeing their plants grow tall and luscious. Just as city planners will line the streets with young saplings to create a future of shaded tunnels and alluring scenery, so does this design create a secluded space free of harsh sunlight and full of loveliness. Paired with a delightfully shaded (no pun intended) chandelier, this patio is a secret garden getaway that is sure to charm any guests.

The Artistic Escape

There is no need to be artistically inclined to absolutely adore a unique space such as this. With luscious green leaves surrounding the colorful and complimentary orange hues of the the furnishings and brick walls, this outdoor living space is intentionally stunning. Like a work of art, this design includes every element of an ideal layout, from its palette to its focal points, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the attention to detail. To balance out the playfulness of the arrangement, they have so expertly curated their art but also their elegant chandelier with crystal accents. Talk about a “Class A” place to chill out and relax.

The Modern Master

For the more simplistic take on an outdoor design, look to this modern makeup for inspiration. By keeping it down to earth and playing with natural materials, this clean lined design will  keep you in touch with mother nature while offering a collected space to escape to. The clear glass pendant only adds to the airy aura by allowing the design to remain fluid and open.

The Sittin’ Poolside Patio

If you find yourself designing a poolside patio, you surely will be drawn to the crisp whites of this outdoor dining space. Keeping with the cool palette of the blue waters, you can keep the area looking fresh and inviting. With no need to overdo this laid back look, go for a simple modern fixture that keeps with the flow of the space.

The Relaxing & Rustic

If your more of a rustic relaxer, than this outdoor space is sure to please. With Bold wooden beams and a robust wood burning fireplace, this will become your favorite room outside of your home (even if it’s the only one…). The best way to pull this space together is with a twig-like fixture of glowing warmth and light. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Sail Away

So you want to sail away at the end of your day, and you just can’t get away from from your coastal dreaming ways. Well, we have just the space to spark your interest. With nearby waters already accounted for, and a rope hanging swing, this outdoor ship is about to sail away into relaxation. Resembling a piece of a a ship, this chandelier is perfectly placed and can only add to such a smooth sailing design.

The Farmhouse Feels

Sometimes the design all boils down to the details. With rustic lanterns atop an old fashioned brick fireplace and rich decor and furnishings, this master bedroom patio offers a cozy alternative to your evening time of relaxation. For an intentional assortment, this space features a spherical oil rubbed bronze pendant chandelier for added ambiance. Is it time for a glass of wine and a good book yet?

The Californian Courtyard

For those west coast vibes with a hint of Spanish design, look to this courtyard for inspiration. With an eclectic assortment of decor and a refreshing palette of whites and blues, this space creates an ultimate place of tranquility and happiness. Eloquently chosen, the three different shaped glass pendants exude the serenity of the open air and compliment the coolness of the design.

The Collected + Contemporary

For that sleek and chic approach, stick to clean lines, and big bold patterns to avoid over-stimulation and over-crowding. Through direct approaches to your design you will streamline the end result and compile a beautifully unified melody of elements that will become your outdoor escape. To find a retreat from the hectic complexities of our everyday endeavors, we can pull together a breathable space that eliminates the pollution of unneeded noise and agitation. Completing this open oasis is the geometric light wooded pendant fixtures that practically float in mid air for a contemporary look that is unparalleled.

In the comments below, tell us if you fall into any of these styles or if you’re looking for something totally different. We love to hear about your upcoming, ongoing, or completed projects so share pics and tips here or through one of our social pages.

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