7 Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are a big deal, and in the case of your home, there’s nothing wrong with an extra bit of curb appeal to welcome guests or even potential buyers. You want to be proud of your home as it is such a large investment and definitely worth your while to tend to its structure and appearance. From the walkways to the mailbox, every part of your home will be judged initially based on the outside view. The little details are important to tend to and can make a huge difference in how presentable and welcoming your home is. If you are looking for ways to spruce up the exterior of your home, whether for personal reasons or because you’ve began to look for your next home, then here are 7 great ways to boost that curb appeal.

Front Door Makeover

The front door always seems to end up the focal point of your exterior, and there are many ways to take this important element from drab to fab. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a new knocker, you can’t go wrong with giving your front door a makeover.

If you are thinking about something totally new and are craving some bigger changes, than definitely explore your front door color options. Lately we have seen homeowners and designers playing with some pretty bright hues to really make their front door pop. With this edgy spin on your home design, you can really let your personality shine through, literally. With new paint jobs trending, there is even an app now available to test out different hues on your very own front door. (Get the App: Front Door Paint)

If you’re not really feeling a new color or are just madly in love with the one you already have, then maybe it’s just time for a good scrub down. Our front door takes on a lot of wear and tear from weather and heavy foot traffic, so it comes as no surprise that our front door can get dingy and dirty. One of the easiest ways to clean your door is with a mixture of vinegar and water or if you can get your hands on some Soilex, that works great as well. In the case that you have a beautiful wooden front door then Murphy Oil Soap will be your go to source for cleansing and caring.

For other upgrades to your front door, reevaluate your hardware because if you were dealt the builder grade brass, you may be ready for something a bit more modern and durable. Two popular finishes are an oil rubbed bronze or a brushed silver, which both add a charming quality to your front door and pair with most outdoor lighting fixtures for a cohesive design. For a quick DIY route in case you would like immediate results, find a durable spray paint for metal and outdoor purposes and give your hardware a fresh coat (or two) of a new hue.


Illuminate Your Home

There are many opportunities to brighten the exterior of your home. From porch lights to architectural lighting, you should not let your design disappear during the night. Many events happen past dark and by giving your home the beauty and ambiance of exterior lighting, you are boosting its overall presence and highlighting key features that are worth showing off. Imagine arriving to a home for a dinner party and the exterior of the home is completely dark, would you feel welcome or question if you had written down the wrong date in your calendar? This is a key element to your curb appeal and should not, under any circumstances, be neglected. Not only are your outdoor lights part of your style, but play a huge role in the safety of your home, as they are needed to see steps, walkways, or unexpected obstructions.

Starting off with the most important lighting, consider your porch fixtures: the main entryway light, exterior lanterns or sconces, and walkway lighting. Depending on the height or overall space of your entry way, you will need to find a piece that is spatially balanced. Just as you wouldn’t put a small flush mount in a high ceiling living room or an oversized statement pendant in a smaller dining space, you do not want to use a fixture that simply doesn’t work in the size of entry way you are working with. It’s important to find a fixture that is damp rated meaning that it was made for exterior use and can withstand the elements unlike your standard indoor lighting fixtures. It can be tempting once you start finding unique pendants, but unless you want to replace your lighting every year, stick to your guns and find an indoor space where it may work instead.

As for your lanterns, sconces, and walkway lighting, find pieces that match your main lighting source and also preferably the finish of your door hardware for fluidity of your exterior design. These fixtures are often found on either side of your garage door, on or near posts or columns from your porch or entryway, and of course along the walkway leading to your front door. There is no rule that you have to stop there though. Feel free to highlight unique areas of your exterior for a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

Lastly architecture lighting can be found in nooks and crannies that need a little spotlight to accentuate their details or to add dimension to your front facade. These appropriately placed light sources can help give your home that gorgeous glowing effect that can make your home look top notch. Stand out from the rest with this beautifying trick.

All the Greenery

Of course, you simply cannot discuss curb appeal without mentioning your landscaping and all the luscious greeneries that make your home inviting and swoon-worthy. If you’ve ever gone on a walk or a Sunday drive and came across a lush home landscape or garden, you may have found yourself slowing down to catch a glimpse and soak up the beautiful sight. Landscaping can literally be the make or break point for potential buyers, as it plays such a large role in the first impression. Unfortunately it is hard not to make quick judgements on homes based on their initial appearance, and just as it is hard to wash a bad taste out of your mouth, it can also be hard to remove the image of a home’s front view from the mind. Many individuals make big decisions based on emotion and if they feel discouraged walking up to a house, it can be hard to shake that and may be a deciding factor when buying a home.

It’s safe to say that your landscape can make a huge difference, and all those hours working in the yard will be worth it. If not for the refreshing look, than for the love of growing lovely greeneries all around your home. There is an endless amount of plant types and in the end you will have to fine tune the size, colors, and maintenance of each one to your preferences and exterior design. To get you started, consider layering potted plants on your front porch for added dimension and something pretty to welcome in guests.


Landscape Lighting

So you have your greenery in place and officially can call yourself a garden master or at the very least you have a budding green thumb. Now it’s time to give your new additions the spotlights they deserve just for helping boost your curb appeal so much. Landscape lighting can be the best decision you ever made. Not only can it add an element of dimension that you didn’t even know was possible, but it can dramatically enhance the likability of your entire home. Like we mentioned earlier, this can make your home worth slowing down for because of the touch of elegance that landscape lighting creates. Play around with the positioning of each light and find what it most appealing to you, as these lights are far less permanent and can be customized to your liking.


Side Yard Spruce Up

We all know that it can be far too easy to neglect the sides of our homes as it is far less visible and not our biggest concern. Although we can make excuses for days as to why we shouldn’t give our side yards the time of day, we cannot neglect this supporting role in our curb appeal checklist. Part of making your home inviting is making it visitor friendly and feeling comfortable walking around your entire home with confidence in your design. Common ways to spruce up your side yard is with stone paths, concealed electrical boxes and conditioning units, and of course a gate for charm. We understand that many homeowners already have their fence in place to let our furry friends run free in the backyard, but this should not stop you from updating gate hardware, staining the wood, or adding in a pathway on either side of the fence. You will be pleasantly surprised with the difference a side yard spruce up can make, and you’ll find yourself actually walking around the side of your home far more often.


Perfect Your Porch

All those little details that make up your porch design are essential to your curb appeal. Railings and columns can end up with chipped or dingy surfaces, or with washed out stains, and could benefit greatly from some good ol’ TLC. So pull out the paint brushes and damp rags and refinish those surfaces so that they look like the day you moved in, or go a completely different direction and give them a whole new look that fits your updated exterior.

If you’re one that enjoys sitting on the porch to watch the sunset, drink a cup of tea, or relax as the summer thunderstorm rolls through, then you best believe that you’ll need a comfy place to sit and a table for your tea. Find seating that suits your style and is ideal for your end-of-the-day quiet time. Pair your seating with a side table for a complete porch set up, and find small decor to compliment your finished look.

Repair Driveway + Walkways

Last but not least, tend to the chips, cracks, and hazards of your driveway and walkways. We know that this is a dreaded task, but it’s one of those things that must be done. New homeowners don’t want to deal with it and current homeowners don’t want the looks or safety issues associated with it. A lot of the time, the issue is something that can be fixed on your own with some assistance from DIY or Youtube videos. Blemishes and mishaps on your driveways and walkways can seriously date your property and bring down the value, so don’t skimp on this important part of your home owner responsibilities.


Feel a bit overwhelmed? Well take a deep breath because you can knock these upgrades off one step at a time. Set aside a few hours each weekend to a certain area of your home and by the end of the year you’ll have beautified your home from the inside out. Curb appeal plays a huge role in your home’s appearance and likability and it’s definitely something you should not neglect. We hope that we helped get you on the right track and provided some useful information for your exterior transformation.

Comment below and tell us what you’re currently working on and if we missed any key updates you can make to the exterior of your home.

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