10 Reasons to Introduce Pastels to Your Interior

There are many ways to incorporate pastels into your interior design. These light hues are no longer just for nurseries, and can be in fact be very masculine if given the right setting and application. Even though these pale beauties may seem very light and airy, they can transform your space into a bold and inviting design. Expect the unexpected with these surprisingly stunning hues, and sit back while we share some valuable knowledge on how you can incorporate them into any space.

Perfect Your Relaxing Room


Via It All Started With Paint

Lighter colors are, by nature, perfect for a relaxing spaces. Their light and airy qualities can make a room feel brighter, and in turn have an uplifting effect on your mood. Pastels are ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms as these are the main spaces in which we kick back and relax. Using soft colored decor, materials, bedding, and furniture can help mimic the cloud nine feeling you are seeking. Softer hues have been known to calm the nerves and slow down your heart rate, allowing for an ultimate space of relaxation.

Not Just for Nurseries


Via Immy and Indi

Most commonly associated with babies are the classic pastel blues and pinks that cover nursery walls and soft blankets, but this is no longer the main role of these delicate hues. Pastels have made their way into mainstream fashion and design for an elegance that is unparalleled. Pastels are no longer confined within the expectations of little ones and feminine designs. These delicate tones have infiltrated our interiors with a sense of class that is desirable and confident. You can find these colors in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and offices, and we can promise, it’s hard to argue that they don’t belong there.

Furniture Facelift


Via Instagram

Whether you are a lover of DIY or have a keen eye for beautiful furnishings, there are many ways to achieve this one-of-a-kind addition in your interior design. If your space is in need of a statement piece or a focal point, then this may be the answer. Often pastels are found on walls or in accent decor, but have you ever considered brightening up such a staple element in your space? This application of lighter hues, opens the doors for the rest of your design to be as bold as you would like to create a balance, cohesive look. 

Cool + Collected


Via Marina Giller

Create a chic space with lighter tones. Pastels produce a sleek modernity in your design, and they make for a beneficial feeling of collectiveness. This laid back aura allows for you and your guests to feel at ease within your space, and set the tone for your time spent together. Bolder hues can sometimes feel overwhelming and create anxiousness–especially your reds, oranges, and yellows. By simply muting these pure colors, you immediately release the tension, and help tone down the harsh qualities of more active colors.

Retro Pastel Appliances


Via Porch

With Mid Century Modern on the horizon, we are seeing more and more retro themes throughout the home. From bold patterns to colorful kitchens, there are many ways to have some throwback elements in your space without overdoing it. One killer option is the classic pastel colored refrigerator. Better yet, find appliances to match, such as your oven and range hood. These playful twists are sure to liven up your kitchen design and give a retro vibe that anyone could appreciate.

Compliment Your Structure


Via Front + Line

If your interior space is full of natural materials and permanent features, then it is good to consider how your pastel hues will pair with them. For lighter woods and marble surfaces, you practically have a full range of options because it is hard to clash with other lighter tones. But we will say that when leaning towards pastel oranges and yellows, be cautious of how they interact with these materials as sometimes these couplings can go the wrong direction. Medium toned warm woods paired with warm pastels can create an outdated look because there’s not enough contrast. The same goes for lighter polished surfaces, as the appearance of warmer pastels can clash with the modern features. As for your darker woods and stone elements, you have to kind of play “which pairs best” with color samples and swatches. Often dark woods and countertops have accent hues embedded into their surfaces, whether from staining or other crystallized characteristics, and these can be good starting points for finding the perfect pastel for your space.

Muted Masculine Spaces


Via Kelly Bernier Designs

As we previously noted, pastels have often been associated with feminine designs, but we’re here to prove otherwise and explain how to achieve a masculine interior with muted colors. A good rule of thumb is to incorporate a balance of dark rustic hues with your pastel elements to ensure that the design doesn’t teeter too far into the feminine qualities. This use of pastels can be used in office spaces, gender neutral designs, and some man-cave endeavors. Pastel greens, grays, and lighter neutrals all work very well for more masculine interiors and also all compliment more rustic materials and decor that may make their way into the room.

Pair with Neutrals


Via Candy Shop Vintage

Of course we had to touch on this often misunderstood quality of pastels: they work great with all neutrals. Even though neutrals have a large range of tones, all somehow work gracefully with most pastels. This is good news for those working on a home makeover because it may save you from gutting everything, and allow you to compliment your existing design with a facelift of lighter colorful hues. These combos also create a more seamless appearance as they are softer and more natural when used simultaneously.

Accentuate the Light + Airy Feeling


Via Dagmar’s Home

Of course we all want our homes to feel open and spacious, and pastels are the simplest way to brighten up a room and give it that “breath of fresh air” feeling we all adore. It is commonly known that lighter colors make things appear larger while darker hues close in a space or make things appear smaller. This is why designers will often give the walls a lighter hue to open up the space. Rather then opting for the typical white variation, you can choose from a plethora of pastels to enlarge your space with a hint of color that compliments your overall design.

Tone Down Bold Hues


Via The Room Alive

Pastels are the perfect backdrop for your color accents and create a balance throughout your space that is pleasing to the eye. Pair your bold patterned pillows with a muted sofa or chair, or opt for a lightly colored bookshelf to make your decorative books and eclectic decor stand out like they were intended for. Another way to use pastels with bolder hues is to achieve a monochromatic design that is chic and contemporary in every way.

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