5 Pastel Palettes for Your Feminine Design

Often we can find it hard to pull together palettes for our home that we can stick to throughout the entire design of each space. Working with color pairing can be quite daunting and its no wonder why color theory is an entire course in art and design school. Our eyes can trick us into thinking that some colors will work together, especially when we are working from memory, so it is ideal to go into your design with a set plan and color scheme. To narrow in on this extensive topic, we are focusing in today on the more feminine spaces in the home and, even more specifically, we are looking at pastel palettes. Pastels, although they have broken free of their nursery and feminine only confines, are still perfect for any refreshing feminine infused design. With inspiration from nature, particularly the floral aspects, we have arranged 5 palettes to inspire your color schemes and start you off on the right foot.

Before digging into each arrangement, we want to urge you to get your doodling paper and pen to make some notes on key tips for your design. We’ve found that when creating our space, that a handy dandy notebook to collect all our thoughts is ideal. This is where you can compile your drawn up layouts for your space, colors swatches to refer to, and all the little thoughts that cross your mind at inconvenient times. This is similar to how artists work and, in this case, just how designers figure out their projects. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious and in-touch with your designer side, then you can also create your own vision/design board.

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First things first, consider the function of the space you are designing. Is it an office, a bedroom, a place of relaxation? Make sure that you are aiming for a palette that supports the role of the space so that you don’t disrupt the effectiveness of your design. For an office, you want to protect the elements that encourage your focus and drive rather than distract you or induce sleepiness. Save these soothing palettes for places of rest or relaxation. This will make more sense as we delve into these potential pastel palettes, but for now jot down what the purpose is of the space you are working on.

Natural Woman

Feminine Blog Pastel Palettes


This crisp color palette is refreshing and revitalizing with its balance of gentle pastels and luxury natural hues. This collection would be ideal for a number of spaces including, but not limited to, a master bathroom, a kitchen, or an outdoor living space. The colors come together in such an elegant and pure way that they create a feeling of reawakening. The green hues can be compared to Pantone’s 2017 color of the year: greenery. Just as greenery was chosen for its energizing qualities, this palette brings an essential element of vitality to any space. In a master bath, these hues would work together to awaken you from your slumber and also cleanse you of your stresses at the end of the day. In an kitchen, these hues will bring out the cleanliness of the space and help create pleasurable experiences in this high traffic area. And of course, in an outdoor space, this palette will help merge the comfort of your interiors with the natural elements surrounding your home. With the outside in trend making a huge statement this year, this palette is perfect for blurring the lines between the home and nature.


Sophisticated + Sassy

Feminine Blog Pastel Palettes2


For those who lean towards a more elegant and sophisticated style, pair your pastels with a few neutrals to keep things classy. Like a light pink rose, this palette brings about a sophistication that is unparalleled. We know that some women fill the role of “boss lady,” and, just as so, this combination of hues speaks to a sassy individual that at the end of the day is just your average go-getter. In all reality this is not an average role, which calls for a not-so-average space to get s**t done, for a lack of better wording. Apply a clean yet colorful variation to an office space for a creativity inducing vibe that encourages your powerhouse role in your everyday life. Instead of sticking your nose in the air, pride yourself in your accomplishments and design your home with that pride in mind. With such a balanced arrangement, you will exude your collective qualities and will present the space as confidently as you present yourself. Other spaces this may work in might be a dining room, where conversation will flow freely and a matter-of-factly, when necessary that is. You are the driver in this crazy thing we call life, and with the rightly designed home to collect your thoughts, you will approach each day with that can-do attitude you so graciously promote. With class and sass you will inspire your fellow colleagues and acquaintances, so just as well, you should treat your thinking space with the upmost importance; i.e. bring those sophisticated + sassy hues into your design.


Simply Sweet

Feminine Blog Pastel Palettes3


Simply put, this palette is for your sweetly feminine side. Like honey in a warm cup of tea, this combination of pastels is soothing and succulent. With delicate pinks, this assortment of hues cues the softer spaces of relaxation, whether it be the bedroom or the bathroom. With essence of the pampered life, you may find yourself indulging in some treasure-like accents, or bringing in the soft gold or champagne finishes that pair oh-so-well. In the bedroom, these hues are best combined with crisp whites or off-whites, either for your cloud-like bedding or even for the walls. Reminiscent of the sweet scent of new blooms, you may feel so inclined to often bring fresh flowers into your space to keep with the sumptuous aura you have created. In a space such as a bathroom, this palette will do wonders for your ego, assisting in creating a space of pampering and poise. Either way, you simply cannot go wrong with this palette in your feminine design.


Fabulous + Flirty

Feminine Blog Pastel Palettes4


If you are a fun-loving, free-spirited kind’ve woman, than we’re sure you already know that you may lean towards the more colorful aspects of life. With slightly more saturated hues, this spunky palette incorporates the loveliness of pastels with the vibrancy of, shall we say, passion fruit. This is very spot-on for the fabulous + flirty individuals, as they tend to approach life very passionately and still find a happy balance in their day to day activities. These hues can be found in spaces such as the kitchen, in an office, or in a creative nook for those artistically inclined individuals. In the kitchen these fruity flavors of color are perfect for masters of the culinary arts or even the beginner chef, as they encourage creativity with fresh foods and create a happy space to whip up drinks + snacks for guests. On the other hand, in an office, this palette creates a balanced and focused space that is invigorating and purposeful like a burst of good ol’ vitamin C. As for those experienced or aspiring artists that have their artsy nook, these hues will help initiate an inspiring space that keeps those creative juices flowing from dawn ’til dusk. With such a versatile palette for such a passionate being, you will find solace in the brightening qualities these hues bring to the table, or shall we say, to your space?


Chic + Collected

Feminine Blog Pastel Palettes5

If you take your day with a glass of wine and a breath of fresh air, than it is only fair to say that your chic + collected qualities are glowing bright. Like a floral + berry bouquet (*see above*), you enjoy the juicy yet refined tastes of life. With a composure that is unwavering, you take on any task like a cup of tea and keep your cool like an iced bottled of Riesling. With a graceful  approach to life and all its absurd antics, you seek the finer things and celebrate the oddities that fill your day. This palette speaks to the confidence in your dexterity to conquer even the sharpest of thorns with a smile on your face. This savvy selection is proven stylish and balanced in office spaces, bedrooms, and in living rooms. In the office, this composure inducing palette will help ensure that you approach each task and responsibility with preciseness and poise. In the bedroom, this palette speaks to the confidence that fuels your collected finesse and sets you off into your next grand adventure that may even simply be a Tuesday. As for the living room, this collection of hues offers a sophisticated place of relaxation and ease of conversation by creating a balanced and neutral openness that is felt by any individual. Since you can’t quite offer someone your easy-going presence of mind in the literal sense, by creating a space with these desirable qualities, i.e. with the right color palette, you can figuratively offer a similar sense of ease and coolness. Like a peaceful moment of clarity, you can use this palette to share with the world (well at least your friends and family) the satisfaction of a stress-free experience.


Tell us if any of these palettes speak to who you are and what you are trying to achieve with your design. If you feel as though your palette just wasn’t in this bunch then fear not, because there is a palette out there that is suited to just your style.

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