Exploring Metallic Finishes for Your Home

With metallics paving their way into the world of interior designs, we are falling harder and harder for their lovely qualities when adorning a variety of spaces. From gold, to copper, to chrome, the list goes on and on of all the wonderful possibilities of finishes throughout your home. These reflective, or semi-reflective, surfaces are not just for light fixtures and home hardware anymore. They have covered walls and home decor with their luxe looks and we sure aren’t complaining about it. From our exploration of finishes, we have found that many of them tend to go unnoticed or we simply do not think of them when considering our options, so we have compiled a list of all of the noteworthy metallic finishes to check out.

Stay Gold

Gold has proven to be a classic go-to finish that really brings a warm luxuriousness to any space. With an extensive amount of appearances, this finish is as versatile as it is regal. It has the opportunity  to work in virtually any style, from modern to eclectic you should never overlook the potential of gold elements in your design.


Via Sors. Paris

2017 is getting its 70s groove on, and will turn into a year full of contradictions in pattern, texture and colour.  Large scale geometric furniture pieces in glamorous ‘bold gold’ and black are featuring, and gold, brass and burnished metals will be seen this year. 

Sarah Barclay – Barclay Interiors

Antique Gold


Via Insplosion

Polished Gold


Via De Zeen

Rose Gold


Via Overstock

Soft Gold


Via iloboyou



Via Adeeni Design Group

I predict a more eclectic approach to interiors for 2017 with an organic grown over time feel, mixing favourite older possessions with newly acquired accessories and investment/statement pieces. I expect to see Art Deco influences with hints of Hollywood Glamour to create a grown up, sophisticated Boho vibe. Expect lots of gold, velvet (in jewelled colours) And safari inspired accessories. Think Jeeves & Wooster meets Adina Monsoon.

Rachel Edmonds – Newtons Furniture 

Silver Lining

Silver has a unique presence in any space that is nothing short of stunning. With yet another finish of multiple appearances, the silver family bring charm and elegance to the most chic of spaces. This versatile variation pairs with almost any color scheme and is known for its timeless quality, as it has emerged as one of the most classic of finishes. You truly cannot go wrong with any of these fantastic metallic finishes.


Via Improvenet

In contrast to the perfect finishes, hi-gloss and super shiny metallics that were ubiquitous this year, 2017 will welcome some deconstructed luxe.  Think exposed brickwork, the use of cement and blown plaster finishes, the pairing of metals with raw, natural materials such as cork, wood and clay. This first-fix aesthetic combines relaxed edges with a nod to industrialism.

Fiona Crisp – Styleophile UK

Silver Leaf

Mariana Home-310015-modern-luxury-silver-white-ceramic-table-lamp

Via Mariana Home

Brushed Silver/Satin Nickel


Via Mariana Home

Stainless Steel


Via Contemporist



Via Twitter



Via RHBabyandChild

Copper Collective

Copper has become a famous modern finish of our time, from its appearance in home decor and statement furnishings, it has pleased the eye of many designers and homeowners alike. Often found in mix metal scenarios or accenting a sea of luxurious white kitchens, the copper collective has proved its worthiness in the world of home design. This finish is fit for far more than pennies and mules these days.


Via Spruce and Fern

The next season’s hottest shade of dusty pink should be paired with neutral tones such as marble and timber, or with metallics such as copper. Metals are really a key trend this season, as are raw timbers and rattan. These natural textures are all about getting back to basics and then adding accents to layer your space.

Steve Cordony, Interior Designer

Polished Copper


Via Twitter

Brushed Copper


Via BeaconLighting

The Bronze

The finish that has had its fair share of battles to prove itself a classic finish for the home. Seen as another warm finish, it has competed with the richness of the golden collections, and has shown itself to be a unique finish that is very desirable. It compliments luxury designs that are hearty and earthy. From the modern farmhouse look, to the more rustic cabin designs, bronze could actually be just the timeless finish you have been hunting for.


Via Apartment Therapy

We see the emerging trend towards brass and warm gold-tones gathering pace and the popularity of copper, bronze and rose-coloured hues continuing.

Hilary J White, Interior Designer

Oil Rubbed Bronze


Via Moen

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