Exploring 9 Neutral Colored Spaces

The family of neutral colors has proven time and time again that they are a timeless choice for any space in your home. From their versatile nature to their soothing effects, these muted hues are far from their bland misconception. They have a unique effect in each design they play a role in, and that is what we hope to show you with each of these lovely neutral colored spaces.

Earthy colours are set to become increasingly popular in 2017: powdery pink, terracotta, sand, ochre, cinnamon, rust, olive green. They provide a great way to introduce subtle colour into muted schemes, so they work brilliantly in minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired homes where brighter shades might jar. They’re both warming and calming, and they look wonderful offset against neutrals. They’re incredibly versatile, too: you could start small by introducing a few earth-coloured ceramics, or go bolder and paint the walls.

Abi Dare – These Four Walls


Via HomeBunch

This space is a lovely example of how layering can create depth in a room full of neutrals. From the lighter hues of the walls, floors, and larger furniture, to the medium and deep tones of the decor and accent pieces, this neutral space has come together to form a dynamic design. The room creates a openness through its lighter hues and encourages the natural light to pour in, making the living space feel relaxing and inviting.


Via An Inspired Nest

This neutral space is decorated with nature inspired accents and materials to create a modern farmhouse feel. With small touches like the woven baskets and rustic lanterns, this room feels laid back and cozy. The additional textures and patterns liven up this neutral colored space and give it just the right amount of rustic to finish off the look.


Via MuralsWallpaper

If we could give you a bit of advice here we would definitely say, “don’t be afraid to use some awesome wallpaper.” Often homeowners fear the blandness that can be a sea of neutrals, but there are so many ways to avoid the monotony of these muted tones. One of them being the use of an accent wall, whether its a color from left field or a uniquely patterned wallpaper choice. In any case, the wall will act as a quality addition to your design and keep your space as far from bland as possible.


Via Table and Hearth

One of the perks of neutral tones is their neutral stance when it comes to associating colors with genders. This nursery is as soothing as the crashing waves of the ocean with its calm aura and light colors choices. Bright colors can affect the moods of adults and children alike, and in many cases can affect your ability to rest easy. With muted hues like this nursery, the design has created an ideal environment for rest and relaxation. And who wouldn’t want that for their little ones?


Via Studio McGee

This neutral living room has focused in on the zen-like layout through its natural elements and lovely greeneries. By creating this light toned space, they have welcomed in the tranquility of the natural world alongside the mindfulness of a welcoming home. With some darker finishes making their appearance throughout the room, the design has developed clear focal points to anchor the bright space. (Talk about the perfect balance for any living room.)


Via Home Decor Ideas

Neutrals tones have paved the waved for the popular pastels that have boldly been making their appearance this year. Lighter muted hues have been beautifully paired with numerous soft pastels tones to create a luxurious and interesting concept in a space. The blush and rose pinks have proven themselves to be timeless and classy, and it may have something to do with their versatility and their practically perfect pairing with all of the neutrals. Exhibit A show just above (^).



If you wish to bring attention to the beautiful structure and natural elements of your space, than a dose of neutral colors may help your dream comes true. Without a genie or fairy godmother you can accomplish all that you wish for in your interior space. With the right color choices and the purpose of your space in mind, you will not be led astray. In this bedroom, the high vaulted ceilings are accentuated by the bright white walls and floor to create a dreamy and airy feeling. With these crisp clean neutrals, the spotlight is given to the gorgeous large wooden beams that support this relaxing oasis. Hard to doubt the power of the right color, eh?


Via Cuckoo4Design

This bedroom beautifully illustrates the staging quality and effect of a neutral space for its more dramatic counterparts. By using a classic white, black, and gray palette, this design is prepared for almost any bold accents that may make their presence. With such a versatile color combination, you can allow yourself the ability to change out your accents whenever you feel like it. Who doesn’t want endless possibilities when designing their personal space?


Via OneKindDesign

If you are in dire need of a space to relax and unwind and haven’t quite put all the pieces together on how to get it, then maybe a bedroom makeover is in your future. This luxurious and tranquil bedroom is practically floating on a cloud with its light-as-a-feather color palette, and is certainly a place we could see ourselves taking a long nap in. With the warmth of the beige tones and wooden elements balanced by the soft whites of the bedding, rug, and furniture, this bedroom will help you release all of the tensions from your day and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. A balanced space can contribute to a balanced you.

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