4 Elements of a Modern Farmhouse Exterior

As important as the interior design of your home is, so is the exterior design. Not only is it the first thing that is seen, making it responsible for all first impressions, but it is also a key factor in the value of your home. Whether you are selling or not, it is imperative that you give the exterior of your home the same love and attention to detail that you provided for your interior. For those who are buying or selling their home, the overall exterior appearance of your home can be a deal breaker, which makes it all the more important for you to make your home look as welcoming as possible. You want visitors to be intrigued from their first glance, and therefore even more impressed with the fluid design that envelops your entire property; indoors and outdoors. Even if your end goal isn’t to get an offer on the table, you still want to show your pride in the beautiful product of your investment a.k.a. your humble abode. Just as you upkeep your interior spaces, you must dedicate time to care for and design your exterior to emanate the style and taste of your home.


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First we must clarify that as there are many different styles for the interior of your home, all of these also apply to the exterior, and today we are honing in on how each of these elements can align to create a modern farmhouse look. Modern farmhouse has the best of both worlds, with the more sleek stylistic choices of modern world married with the rustic and charming qualities of farmhouse designs. This laid-back approach to the home is as beautiful as it is inviting.


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There are four main elements of your exterior design that are a great place to start when either beginning your design or updating an existing one. The colors, materials, lighting, and overall structure of your home make up the majority of your exterior presence and are the elements we want to discuss.


Typically for a modern farmhouse looks, homeowners will lean towards neutral tones to keep with the laid back look. These hues are usually lighter and give off a fresh-laundry, cool-breezy vibe. Depending on your location, certain undertones may pair better with with your landscape. For example, cool undertones often combine gracefully in coastal, lakeside, or more northern scenery to play off of forest or ocean hues, and warm undertones work well with southwest climates, accenting the richer colors of their surroundings. Find 2017’s trending exterior colors here and for a guide to painting your own exterior check out this blog.


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Modern farmhouse styles will feature many wooden elements, whether flower beds, large decks, or large benches in their outdoor living spaces. Promoting the life of comfort and laid back charm, wooden elements give a depth and lived-in appearance that is easy to love. It’s all about creating a space to relax and unplug from the fast-paced digital world that we’ve become. If that means an old fashioned porch swing and rocking chair with a good book, then consider us on board. 


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A couple other materials often seen in these designs are natural stone, whether in landscaping or as a part of your home’s exterior, and various finished metals, which only add to the rustic farmhouse feel. Some materials may have an antiqued or distressed finish while others balance out the laid back look with their crisp clean appearance.


As for the lighting, you cannot go wrong with a lovely array of lanterns and landscape lighting to illuminate the exterior of your charming abode. Playing off of the actual farmhouse look, you may appreciate the look of accent lighting if your home was built in the traditional barn-like shape with its tall peaks and unique angles. For lighter colored homes, lanterns with an oil rubbed bronze finish will contrast beautifully to create a well-balanced look. Whether you prefer multiple hanging fixtures or fixed exterior lanterns, there are also many opportunities to dial-up the charisma of your home with these small additions. The impact that lighting can make on your home is unbelievable. If you are at all concerned about your sense of curb appeal, then this may be the first thing to consider as the lighting will create the dimensional design that homeowners desire.


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The structure of course plays a huge role in the overall design and style of your home. No matter if you are building your first home, on the hunt to buy, about to sell, or just looking for ways to highlight your exterior, you should always take note of the house’s structure and unique features to find accents that highlight the beauty of your home.


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Many farmhouse homes are built to mimic the shape of a barn or traditional farmhouse, giving them the immediate wow-factor that homeowners want. Siding also can be formatted vertically rather than a home’s traditional horizontal placement to add to its list of farmhouse features. Porches may wrap all the way around and barn x’s may be found on garage doors, but all of these unique elements cannot truly make their presence without the right design to support them. We’re talking structural lighting to highlight the home’s nooks and crannies, the right color choice to accentuate the barn siding, ambient lanterns to create an inviting porch layout, and complimenting colors to paint trim and the desirable x’s that adorn the doors. Don’t limit yourself to the possibilities of your home’s exterior.

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One of the many perks of these upgrades is that there is little upkeep for most, which aligns pleasantly with the laid-back lifestyle that this style promotes. A refresher of paint may be needed every once in a awhile and a couple bulbs may need to be replaced, but none of this is out of reach. Not to mention, all if it is certainly worth the sense of satisfaction and appeal your home will exude for years to come.

If you love the modern farmhouse look and want to incorporate this style to the exterior of your home then check out these lovely lanterns from our new collection:


Mason Two Light Wall Lamp by Mariana Home


Mason Three Light Wall Lamp by Mariana Home


Mason Four Light Wall Lamp by Marina Home

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15 thoughts on “4 Elements of a Modern Farmhouse Exterior

    1. Hi Janet, unfortunately we are not familiar with all the details of these designs. You might follow the source listed below each image to get in contact with the project owner/designer.


  1. Architecture is the most important element among the four because it can designate if the house was built in traditional or modern way. By the way, the lanterns are really lovely. It can give an extra beauty to the exterior part of the house once installed.


    1. Excellent point about the architecture! Glad you like the lanterns, we have some new ones coming soon to our website!


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