Mothers Day Gift Guide: Finding Her Style

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, we find ourselves hunting down the perfect way to show our moms just how much they mean to us. From planning out a whole day of mom’s favorite activities, to simply baking her favorite dessert, we scramble to find something that can measure up to the immense amount of love and support she has provided us. Often we must come to terms with the fact that nothing can truly measure up, and we shoot for the next best thing. Every relationship between mother and child is different, and the ways in which we show our appreciation can come in many forms. So as simple as it would be to just have a perfect Mother’s Day gift for every mom out there, this isn’t the case. From watching us grow into hard working individuals, and seeing us through all our victories and defeats, our moms have a pretty good idea of who we are and what we like. In the same way, we should know enough about our moms to have a general idea of what really makes her happy.

From fashion to home decor, every mom has a unique sense of style that helps her make all her designing choices. As much as the family has their say in home designing decisions, the mother of the house typically has twice the say. To help find the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day, it is unbelievably helpful to have an understanding of her sense of style. This can help avoid the “hidden under the bed,” “re-gifting, or “I don’t know where it ran off to,” bits that can happen when a gift isn’t exactly something they can, or would, use. We thought instead of just giving you a list of the usual Mother’s Day gifts, we would help you narrow down your mom’s unique style and then go from there.

Is she…..

Classy + Chic

This style is for the moms who love the luxury looks. We’re talking gold and white, floral prints and drink trays. Sound familiar? This might be your mom’s style of choice if she’s on top of her glam game, and knows how to throw a first class cocktail hour or a fabulous dinner party. She knows the importance of organization and how to keep her cool when heated situations arise. A go-to mom for an after school vent session or just a berry smoothie to wash away the stresses of the day. Her can-do attitude is contagious and she’s the best dang cheerleader you could ever ask for.


Via Domino

Eclectic + Edgy

For the more eccentric mommas in life, this style embraces mixing and matching and celebrates cultural differences. With her own collection of treasures, she will always have the best bedtime stories. A creative mind and a cup of tea will fuel her day, and she will always go above and beyond to support every hobby, sport, or journey that you get yourself into. A true believer in the power of a hug and a good book, this mom’s style will focus on the intriguing and thought-provoking elements of her home before even considering the organization and balance. She’s full of spunk and ready to go treasure hunting at record stores, antique shops, and estate sales. Don’t underestimate the depth of her affection for her family, because she’ll probably even use the smelly soaps gifted to her to show her appreciation.


Via Instagram

Down to Earth

This mother has a serious green thumb and loves to keep things feeling fresh and clean in her humble abode. She may even grow her own vegetables and herbs, and can cook up a mean batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. She’s thoughtful and intelligent, giving genuine advice anytime you ask. She loves the natural sunlight and can’t help but open up the windows at the first sign of Spring. This mom knows how to speak calmly, even when pushed to her limits. In the same way, she is a role model of strength and kindness, and a great person to talk to when you are stressed out. Her home may be shades of white with planted greeneries bringing in more colors, and she appreciates an open layout to keep the flow of the space. Like the colors in her home, she will often wear white, greens, and neutral hues and enjoys the comfortable and flowy-fitting pieces. Sound like your mom?


Via Apartment Therapy


For the fun-loving, throwback-styled moms, color and patterns are no stranger to their world. With no opposition to funky forms and bold paint choices, the retro mom will enjoy filling her home with nostalgic prints and disco tunes. She enjoys the company of her family and can’t control her dancin’ feet the music is right. She can’t avoid the unique home decor that may have come from a booth at the antique mall, and loves to DIY new pieces to match her bold color scheme. Often called mid-century modern, this style incorporates the technology of today with the style of yesterday (more like the 60’s and 70’s, but who’s really checking). If she falls into the retro realm, you’re sure to find a gem for your mom’s unique style.


Via Residence Style

Cool + Contemporary

This style is quite practical, incorporating the innovative advancements of technology into the home for functional and unique approach to modern-day living. She appreciates all the gadgets that make her life easier, and knows what’s really important: her family. She works hard for what she has, and sets a great example of focus and determination for all who interact with her. Her home has an open concept and many spaces can be used for a variety of purposes. This only lives up to her multitasking ingenuity, and makes the home a place to nurture relationships with those close to her, rather than worrying about fluffing up the interior spaces.


Via Daily Dream Decor

Farmhouse Inspired

Does she watch HGTV? Bring in distressed furniture? Have quote signs hanging up in each room? She may be a farmhouse inspired momma. She believes in family dinners at the table, loves to cook breakfast, and brings in fresh flowers to make a room smell amazing. She has a knack for refinishing old pieces of furniture and probably has a DIY board on Pinterest. With every organizational trick up her sleeve thanks to her favorite blog she follows, she’s got all her ducks in line as she approaches each day. Her hugs are medicinal, and most can swear by it. If this is your moms style than pull up your Pinterest page because you’ll probably find the best inspiration from her boards.


Via Golden Boys And Me

Totally Traditional

This mom is completely reliable, will always answer your phone call, and would even drive cross-country to bring you soup and crackers if you asked. She values her family above all things and her home is about as homey as it gets. With comfort being top priority and dark woods featured throughout, her house would make even a stranger feel right at home. We’re talking rich tones, accent pillows, traditional draperies, and dinner in the oven. Her style may be a little harder to find with all the modern styles at the forefront, but we promise that there are perfect options that she will love. It may just take a little longer to track them down.


Via Houzz

Do any of these styles sounds like your mom? Tell us if you think she doesn’t quite fit in to these styles. We’d love to hear about your mom’s unique style and see if we can’t give some insight.

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