Designing The Perfect Patio Space to Match Your Unique Style

From summer parties to relaxing after a long day, your patio should be the perfect space to kick back and enjoy some time with friends and family. We’ve talked about things to consider when entertaining outside and some inspiring outdoor space designs, but we wanted to explore how your unique style can work as well outside, as it does inside. The goal is to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors to ensure the same comfort and style is present throughout your home’s entire design. Just as you’ve found ways to pull together each interior space in your home, you must not stop once you’ve stepped out the back door. Your patio or outdoor living space should just be an extension of your home’s beauty and cohesiveness. There are many different ways to make your patio space uniquely you, and we’re going to give you some great tips and inspiration to get you started.



Via HomeBNC

With a marriage of form and function, this modern patio design is drool-worthy. It’s dynamic layout of hardscape and landscape offers an all-inclusive oasis of relaxation. Not to mention it has a hot tub smack dab in the middle of it all. The string lights with Edison bulbs give this space a charming twist to the geometric puzzle of surfaces and steps. Alongside the sharp angles of stone tiles, the loose pebbles and excessive greenery give the patio the perfect balance of organic elements versus geometric.

“For the more simplistic take on an outdoor design, look to this modern makeup for inspiration. By keeping it down to earth and playing with natural materials, this clean lined design will  keep you in touch with mother nature while offering a collected space to escape to.”




Via Apartment Therapy

A minimalist’s approach to a contemporary design, this patio is elegant in its use of sleek materials and a very practical purpose. What makes it more contemporary, rather than modern, is its innovative choice of seating. Made for comfort and style, the chairs are formed to the natural shape and angle of the body as it is seated. The bamboo that lines the wall of this patio, give it a natural essence that helps create a soothing environment for any guest. This design also allows for you to focus on the conversation at hand rather than the distractions of the outside world and its pressures to accessorize every inch of your home.

“Through direct approaches to your design you will streamline the end result and compile a beautifully unified melody of elements that will become your outdoor escape. To find a retreat from the hectic complexities of our everyday endeavors, we can pull together a breathable space that eliminates the pollution of unneeded noise and agitation.”




Via Interior Design Home

An eclectic design combines the best features of multiple style traits while still creating a cohesive and relaxing space. This patio features a bohemian hanging chair, an industrial accent table, a glamorous chandelier and a collection of decor that you might find in a modern farmhouse design. All of these elements have found a space where they work gracefully together, giving you a curated look and the perfect patio to compliment your eclectic style through and through.

“Creating this colorful arrangement is sure to be an exciting endeavor as you hunt for each tidbit of eccentricity to throw into the mix and make it perfectly customized to your liking.”


Mid Century


Via Dwelling Decor

This retro inspired patio proudly displays its vivd colors choices and the playful angles of its furnishings. With its wood paneled overhang and charming decor choices, this design has successfully pulled together a unique and mid century modern space that any homeowner or guest would love to relax in. We also love how close the pool is, which only adds to the fun of this outdoor living space.



Via Follow Pics

This patio is a perfect example of the traditional style. Featuring oil rubbed bronze finishes throughout, tiled flooring, neutral hues, and large lanterns, this space is charming and inviting. This style goes right to the purpose of the home and aims to make any person feel welcome. The rich neutral tones only add to the warmth and appeal of the patio. In the end, the plush pillows, exposed brick, and beautiful arched entryways are telltale signs of a traditional home, and can make anyone feel right at home.

“So traditional is just how you like it. Comfy, collected, and just rustic enough to make you feel right at home. With warm neutrals making up your space, an oil rubbed bronze chandelier is perfect for your cozy traditional design.”


Modern Farmhouse


Via WooHome

Rustic yet beautiful, the modern farmhouse trend is booming this year. With shows like Fixer Upper and other HGTV features, this stunning laid-back look is blossoming in homes across the country. This patio has some lovely salvaged pieces that fit right in. From the distressed wooden chest to the flipped wash bins, these unique additions give the space a story. With the richness of time in these antique furnishings and the crisp white and green accents to compliment them, this patio is practically perfect for the modern farmhouse lover.



Via A Wood Railing

While some of us may dream of coastal living, some of us are already living it and loving it. With many opportunities to entertain and enjoy some fun in the sun, the coastal style is one for the books. Centered around the relaxation of summer days, or all days for that matter, this style favors the cooler color palettes to accentuate the blue skies and salty breeze. Even if you don’t live within 500 miles of water, this style can be used to emanate those coastal vibes and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. So as we mentioned, light colors, open concept, and some comfy pillows and you are golden.

“Keeping with the cool palette of the blue waters, you can keep the area looking fresh and inviting.”

“So you want to sail away at the end of your day, and you just can’t get away from from your coastal dreaming ways. Well, we have just the space to spark your interest. With nearby waters already accounted for, and a rope hanging swing, this outdoor ship is about to sail away into relaxation.”


Tell us what your style is and if your patio space is designed to fit the unique qualities of your interior spaces.

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