5 Ways to Perfect Your Outdoor Dining Space

With summer planning in full swing, it’s about time we give a little TLC to our outdoor living space and more specifically our dining area to prepare for dinner parties or lunch with the family. There are many ways to protect your patio as the seasons change, whether with storage units or sturdy, protective coverings, but with temperatures on the rise it’s time to uncover and bring everything back out. Summer can still lend us some nasty storms, so be sure to still prepare for these unexpected occurrences. Beyond these weather cautious choices, we want to touch on a few more exciting and satisfying ways to perfect your outdoor dining space so you can enjoy the sunny summer days.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Along with the changing of seasons comes the aftermath of dormant foliage and weather patterns. First things first, take your outdoor broom and sweep away any dead leaves, twigs, and mulch that may have made its way onto your patio. Then it’s time to pull out the power washer or hose to douse off dusty furniture or breakdown that layer of dirt and grim that accumulated on your tile, stone, or wood surfaces.


If left in the state that it is, materials can start to deteriorate and lose their luster depending on their finish. Wood can rot or end up needing a fresh coat of stain or paint if the existing layer has been eaten away at by dirt or weathering. Keep this in mind when you find yourself with a free afternoon and no desire to clean, because it will surely be worth the work to not have to face the consequences later.

Create The Ambiance With Lighting

Set the mood of your outdoor dining space with layered lighting. With charming exterior lanterns, architectural and landscape fixtures and a touch of string lights, you’ll have perfected your outdoor patio with lovely layered lighting. No one wants their festivities to end once the sun goes down which is why we must not underestimate the power of lighting when creating our outdoor design.


Depending on the style of your interior, your exterior lights may vary in their finish but ultimately can help create a seamless design from indoors to outdoors. Architectural and landscape lighting can help highlight those unique qualities of your home and garden, making for a dynamic and stunning presentation of your home design in its entirety. These lights can also be used for walkways, under bar tops, and within or surrounding water elements, such as pools, ponds, and fountains. Not only will they add ambiance to your outdoor space, but will provide a level of safety for all of your evening gatherings. As for the string lights, these can be a playful and enchanting addition to your outdoor space. They really set the tone of the space giving off an alluring warm glow.

Create the Comfort

Make your guests feel like they never left the comfort of your home by bringing in elements of relaxation to your outdoor dining space. Make sure your dining set is cozy for your company because no one wants to sit on hard chairs. If you need to make your seating a bit softer, go for some plush accent pillows. Accent pillows are actually a great opportunity to bring out key hues from your indoor design and maybe even some playful patterns for those summer vibes.


Via CC Architect

Other ways to help keep your guests happy and content is to create an environment of ease and relaxation. No one wants the sun beating down on them in midday heat, so make sure to have a way to shade the dining space. Whether its a large umbrella or an overhang, your guest are sure to appreciate it. Other ways to keep cool are with outdoor fans and a ice cold pitcher of water on the table.

Find Outdoor Tableware to Fit Your Style

One of the fun parts of pulling your outdoor dining space together is finding the perfect tableware and decor. A great place to start is with your interior color palettes. Pick up on the accent colors and patterns for inspiration as you peruse the home decor aisles or dabble through your pins on Pinterest. If you already have a full set of outdoor tableware, consider swapping out the salad dishes for a set complimentary colored ones, or find a new pitcher and serving dish that gives your set a refresh of summer hues. For a fun mixture of style, check Etsy for handmade towel rings or lovely centerpieces to bring your dining experience to the next level. But we will say, you can never go wrong with a bouquet centerpiece of fresh cut flowers from your garden.


Give Life to Your Garden Again

With your outdoor dining space clearly being outdoors, there’s no escaping the beauty of your landscaping. Just as our patio needs a good cleaning, so do our lovely gardens. Dead leaves and wilted plants from the previous year can suffocate the greeneries that want to sprout in the spring and summer. Remove every twig, constricting weed, and aged foliage from your garden bed to make way for your new babies that are ready to bloom. Spring is actually the best time to rid your landscaping of those pesky weeds as their roots are still small and easy to pluck out. If they grow deep enough they can easily leave behind stragglers and just resurface again (hence the peskiness of weeds). Also check for any frostbite damage as this will help avoid insects and fungi that can destroy gardens.


Fresh mulch can also do wonders for your landscaping as it will help keep the moisture in the soil even through those hot summer days. This does not give you a free pass not to water your plants though, they are still thirsty and need some TLC. (Be mindful of what each plant needs as well, because their best growing conditions may differ greatly from one plant to the next – i.e. sunlight, shade, watering patterns, etc.) A great trick for keeping your plants hydrated is to catch rain water in a bucket and pour into the beds each time it rains.


Now even though you will be devoting your time to your gardening, don’t neglect your lawn. Spring is the best time to get the first mow in and prepare for the summer months with a good fertilizer. This will help keep your lawn healthy so that the grass really does stay green on your side.


Here is some more great advice we stumbled across for both the Spring and Summer seasons:

“Spring is a great time to start your own compost heap. Collect plant debris and old leaves and add these to your compost pile or bin. Chopping up the debris speeds up decomposition. Ensure you add equal amounts of green and brown material in your compost heap to keep the carbon : nitrogen ratio balanced.”


“Another challenge of summer gardening can be the marked increase in pests and insects. Checks your plants regularly for any signs of attack from pests such as aphids or caterpillars. Wherever possible, the best form of defence is to remove the potentially damaging insect by hand. Only 3% of bugs and insects are considered pests – so this method avoids harming the multitudes of bugs that can help your summer gardening efforts. ”


Feel like you’re well prepared to perfect your patio dining space? We sure hope so! Comment below with any tips or tricks you may have for getting your outdoor dining space summer-ready.

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One thought on “5 Ways to Perfect Your Outdoor Dining Space

  1. My wife and I are wanting to build a patio but we don’t know how we want to decorate it. I like that you suggest focusing on making the space comfortable for guests by having plenty of chairs and pillows. We have a lot of parties at our house so this sounds like a great idea to make the guests feel welcomed. Thanks for the help!


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