Interior Design Color Trends Inspired By the Runway

One of the beautiful things about the design world is its overlapping, intermixing array of styles and trends. From color to form, there is no law inhibiting the cross-over from one design realm to the next. Artists and designers alike are inspired by their surroundings, pop culture, music, and historical occurrences. These elements are all interconnected in some way and make up a sea of visual stimulation for the creatives of the world. Where one painter may use cobalt blue to embody their deep emotional expression of calamity, the fashion designer on the other side of the world may use such a rich hue to portray the undulated motions of the deepest oceans in their one-of-a-kind garment to be worn down the catwalk. In fact, that designer and that artist may have seen that same hue of cobalt blue on the exact same cookie wrapper they both just happened to enjoy. Who knows where the coincidences will appear, but in any case that color choice was found in the same pool of inspiration we are hinting at.  It is this common factor that binds us all to a web of art forms, great and small, and this pool of information is an ever-growing point of reference for those seeking inspiration.

So now that we’ve gone on a full blown tangent about how the world is all connected in some shape or form, we can hone in on what we really want to discuss today: interior design color trends inspired by the runway. Now, there is no way really track where trends begin and end, and so we can’t say for certain if colors started in fashion or interior design. But what we can do is analyze the patterns and tendencies for certain hues to make their appearance in homes following their showcase on the runway (or in some cases, simultaneously). When a color is trending in one facet of the art world, it almost always will make its presence known in many other facets shortly thereafter. So where you may correct us is which came first, we’d still like to explore these beautiful hues that have made it to our noteworthy list of inspiring trends.

The Primary Triad


Although there are two dapper ensembles in this shot, we will focus on the bolder of the two and the primary triad of red, blue, and yellow. This combination of colors is no stranger to the art world, being the basis of practically all existing colors (with the help of black and white too). We already know that these elementary level colors play well with each other in the majority of applications, but what we are rather fond of is the youthful quality they bring to each presentation.

The three hues come with a myriad of nostalgic instances ranging from primary school art projects to the geometrical Modern paintings of Piet Mondrian. Let’s not forget the triad’s presence in the 90’s, with all its funky patterns inspired by prior decades. In any sense, this color trend has transformed into the charming presence we see today, in both the fashion and interior design world.


Maybe not as blatantly apparent, but certainly curated, the triad has made its mark in this colorful modern entryway, and in a very artistic manner if we do say so ourselves.

The Passionate Purple


Historically, purple was a color that signified power and wealth among many cultures. Being a much more complicated dye to create, it not only was expensive to create but produced the rich vivid hue we are well acquainted with nowadays. For a little “something you might not know” tid-bit of the day: purple dye originally could only be created using a small mollusk that was only found in the Tyre region of the Mediterranean Sea and it took 9,000 of those mollusks to make one gram of purple dye. Crazy, right? But also why it was considered such a royal color.

Associated with a complex history, purple has transpired into the bold, statement-making color that has proven to live up to its expectations. Even today we notice that rarity of purple among many other hues, as it is still subconsciously recognized as high profile choice. Just as this color brings a luxurious element to the fashion world, it has done just so for the interior design world.


Don’t underestimate the rich + glamorous statement that any shade of purple can offer your unique spaces. This is one trend that will always hold its ground in the world of art + design.


An Eclectic Assortment


This color trend is hard to really pinpoint as it is more of a collective arrangement of sorts that has made its presence known in the sea of inspiration. What artists may recognize as an assemblage process, interior designers will be reminded of their eclectic clientele that enjoy a melting pot of styles in their home. Fashion designers have found a way to really display their creative assemblage of style through this colorful collection. Inspired culturally by tribal shapes and mid century forms, artists and designers can find a way to navigate through their overload of creative thoughts + ideas through this open-ended palette. Although one palette may reminisce on totally different time periods or trending elements, all collections can be recognized for their gracefully curated selections that somehow all end up working together to create the masterpiece: whether it be a tailored suit, a mixed media sculpture, or an office space.


Not for the faint of heart, this color trend is for the adventurous and free-spirited creative that aims to explore the endless possibilities of color pairing. You tell us how these applications of colorful palettes speaks to you… Maybe it doesn’t speak at all, or maybe it’s yelling across seas — either way we’d love to hear how you’ve interpreted this trend.

Orange is Making It’s Comeback


Maybe it’s the mid-century modern style that’s making its way back into the scene or maybe everyone is just dreaming of a juicy clementine, but either way orange is trending big time. There are many shades to choose from, making it more or less of a commitment depending on your taste. This almost scarlet, burnt-orange hue is sleek and classic but also playful when tailored to this layered angular shape. Given the spotlight being the only bright hue of this outfit, we are given a focal point just as an artist or interior designer aims to do in each creation. This burnt orange color pairs beautifully with most hues, and is why we so often see it present in mid century modern designs with all their bold patterns and palettes.


Orange and patterns? Excuse us as we dab away our drool from finding this cool + collected mid century modern space. Clearly oranges can add an element of surprise and style when paired with the right ensemble, whether for the editorial or the interior space. Both utilizing orange’s favorite complimentary color, blue, each design has found the perfect balance of hues to support the bold presence of the warmer qualities of this trending color.


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