Designing A Room For Dad

Seems like just yesterday we were talking Mother’s Day styles and gifts, but then June hit us really quick and Father’s Day is just a few days away. Call us crazy, but from our experience and general consensus, dad’s tend to be a bit harder to shop for. From their particular-ness to the more obscure hobbies and gadgets, finding the perfect way to show dad your appreciation can be quite the hunt. For those who agree and aren’t quite sure what to do this year, we want to share a great way to show dad some love and support. While gift cards and sports tickets can be a go-to option, there is a much more personal way to spread some love on Father’s Day.

Whether it’s for entertaining, cooking, or a collection of model airplanes, the man of the house typically will have a space that is (for the majority) all his own. If you’ve got that particular space in mind, then you’re off to a great start because today we’re talking all about designing that perfect room for dad for Father’s Day. Unlike material items or things that have their expiration dates, creating a space for dad will be a gesture that can not be forgotten. The time dedicated to designing the space and the actual execution of said design will be on display for years to come as a daily reminder of the love and support you have for your dad. Genius, right?

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Just to cover some nitty gritty details before jumping in to some great ideas, we thought we should talk about timelines and how to go about this without dad finding out. So first of all, depending on the level of design work you are thinking, this may project may extend a little past Father’s Day. Don’t fret though, because dad will surely understand and also may be able to give some input on the final touches. Whether it’s a full flip of the space or a spruce up session, don’t stress too much on the timeline of the project, but rather put your time and energy into the space and get as far as you can.

For those of you are down to crunch time and can’t even start the project before Sunday, opt for a “I’ll be your designer for your space for X amount of time” coupon so you can find a weekend or two to tackle the space after you’ve got his input. On the other hand, if you’ve got the time and the means necessary to complete the space, then jump right in! For time’s sake, if there are many things to pick out and shop for, then rally the troops and get the whole family to take on a portion and things will go much quicker. One of the best parts of surprises is when they think you’ve forgotten their special day, so it’s okay to say, “sorry dad I made plans to hangout with so and so today,” while you run your errands. As for keeping him preoccupied while the actual work is happening, you’ll have to get creative or plan an outing for him. If the changes take longer than his absence, find some caution tape or streamers to make “under construction” signs for a bit of humor. No matter how you go about it, he’s sure to appreciate all of your efforts and, of course, the final design of his new and improved space.

Now to get into some ideas and inspiration from the designers…..

Office – Workspace

For the hardworking father who always has projects going and calls to make, his office space should be reflective of his dedicated personality. Whether the walls need a lighter hue for a productive atmosphere or his desk is in need of an upgrade, there are many ways to compliment his style and show him that his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. You might even find some nice photography or artwork of local sights or a favorite band to give some character to the walls (that otherwise might be left bare).

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Entertainment – Bar – Game Room

For the dads who enjoy their downtime and the company of friends and family, whether on game day or for a lighthearted pool tournament. Most guys are just “big kids” and still enjoy their fun and games, so you really can’t go wrong with an ultimate entertainment space just for him. If you’ve got a den area or a finished basement, this may be the perfect spot for a pool or card table. As these can be larger purchases, you can opt for some good lighting and a new paint color and call it good. He’ll be over the moon about his new playroom and will probably want to have company the next weekend. Show your dad that he deserves to have a little fun too with a cool new space for entertaining.

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Sports Room – Collector’s Quarters

For that dad that collects model airplanes or baseball memorabilia, a space for all his treasures is just what he needs. He may have a designated spot to display his findings, but maybe he doesn’t quite have the proper lighting or casing for those more valuable pieces. Maybe a different paint choice would better compliment the qualities of his collection. In many cases, these collections find their home in office spaces or their “man caves,” so you may have the opportunity to complete the space and help create a seamless design. Not to mention, he probably worked hard to acquire each piece or has some memorable moments associated with others, so they deserve a proper display. Just as your dad may have helped you collect wildflowers on your Sunday stroll or inspect hundreds of quarters to find the last 3 states needed for your collection, you can dedicate some time to help him with his.

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Library – Art Space

For the dad who appreciates the finer things in life you can’t go wrong with a classy library or eclectic art space for the artist or art lover. Masculine styles can be incorporated into these spaces for their ultimate creative or indulgent space. For those of you who have seen Beauty in the Beast, we think most can agree that the library in the Beast’s castle is drool-worthy and we’d love to give our bookworm dad something just as fantastic. Unfortunately, many of us can only dream of such a space, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t still create an amazing reader’s nook for our favorite father. For a sophisticated take, think dark grays or maroons for a rich, indulgent space for dad to dive into the worlds of his recent reads, or enjoy a cup of coffee with a colleague whilst surrounded by full shelves. If he has too many books and not enough shelves, consider building in some unique homes for the stacks and stragglers that clutter the floors and table tops. Also make sure he has proper lighting and a cozy chair to read late at night when he can’t sleep or just has owl-like tendencies.

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For the artsy dad or the creative muse, make sure he has the proper set-up to dive into projects as he may please. A large table-top or design desk is a perfect addition when paired with a comfortable seat for long hours spent sketching, painting, or assembling. Storage is a “gift from above” for artists and the right-brain dominated. Often a bit more scattered in thoughts and needing ways to organize, creative storage units will be life changing. Think hidden drawers, unique shaped shelving, and boxes that stack or also work as seating. If they aren’t as artistically inclined as they are appreciative of the arts than look for a new piece to add to his personal gallery. Whether books or brushes, you dad will be in awe that you actually knew so much about what he likes. Just as he has supported your passions, give him another reason to keep indulging in the things that make him happy with this type of space.

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Grilling Oasis – Kitchen For the King

For the chef of the house that can cook a mean lemon meringue or a perfectly medium-rare steak and kabobs, give him the ultimate space for the optimal cooking experience. With outdoor kitchens trending, you’re sure to find some top notch gadgets and gizmos to make dad’s grilling space one he won’t want to leave. Whether you get an outdoor fan to keep him cool, a built in cooler for cold brews, or a grill fit for a king, your dad will fall in love with his outdoor space all over again. He might even get a kick out of a grilling apron that says “kiss the cook” if you’re feeling extra witty. For the chef who prefers the indoor kitchen, the possibilities are endless with fancy mixers, bright under cabinet lighting for his workspace, and countertops that are easy to clean after Thanksgiving prep time. No matter the upgrades and changes made to dad’s cooking zone, he’ll feel like he scored a touchdown with a family that loves his cooking and gives them all their love support in return.

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