5 Ways To Boost Your Curb Appeal This Fall

Days are growing shorter, the air is becoming crisper, and your home is becoming more exposed as the leaves begin to fall. This colorful time of year has us stepping up our cozy game and relishing in the beautiful autumn weather. With this wonderful season also comes the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors, preparing your home for it’s annual debut. In spring and summer, landscaping and foliage can bring a home to life with blooming buds and luscious greenery, but as fall and winter set in your home takes center stage as mother nature eases into deep slumber. Don’t let your exterior fall by the wayside this year – give it the boost it needs to stand its ground. Here are 5 ways to boost your curb appeal this season:

Brighten Up Your Home

In this sense we mean this literally – Your outdoor lighting is key to keeping your home warm and inviting this fall. There are many ways to light your exterior, from path lighting to porch lanterns, this element will help avoid accidents and make your guests feel welcome with every visit. Find fixtures that fit the style and structure of your home to keep your overall design, as seamless as possible. There are endless options and we’re here to show you a few of our favorites:

Blog 10-9 Images

Drake Outdoor Wall Lamp

Blog 10-9 Images2

Revere Outdoor Wall Lamp

Blog 10-9 Images3

Mason Outdoor Wall Lamp

Brighten Up Your Home Some More

This time we mean figuratively – Pops of bright colors will do wonders for your home’s exterior. Autumn gives us some of the most rich and lovely hues, from golden yellows to fierce reds, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Here’s just a few ways you can incorporate some vivid additions:

  • Paint that front door – Pick a color that you absolutely love and give it shot in the limelight. Your front door, unlike the rest of your home, can be a wild color because it is simply your accent color. It’s kind of like nail polish, you can change it whenever you’d like and you can get away with some pretty bold choices. Not to mention it’s a fairly easy task and just requires a nice fall afternoon.
  • Find the perfect accent pillows for your outdoor seating. Luckily the home & garden world have got you covered, with endless designs that are hard to live without. Tip: Just go in with a budget, and you won’t regret your choices, no matter how cliche the quote may be or how bright the colors may seem. And if you feel so inclined, you might just find a nice outdoor throw blanket to match your pillows and keep you cozy as the crisp fall air sets in.
  • Don’t be fooled, accessories and decor still have their place on your front porch. Besides the comfy additions, we all know how elaborate the seasonal wreaths can be, and there are some pretty clever + cute door-mat ideas filling our Pinterest boards and the shelves of local craft and home goods stores. And often the decorative planters and fall decor are too sweet to pass up, giving your home a welcoming element.


Blog 10-9 Images Color

Red Door + WreathPillows + PlantersAutumn Farmhouse

Update Your Landscaping

The days are getting chillier and some of those Spring + Summer flowers are no longer in their prime. Luckily there are some gorgeous varieties that will keep your home blooming with color this autumn. Most notoriously we have the lovely mums that come in some of our favorite fall hues – reds, oranges, and yellows. Your perfect planters need their better half, so start browsing the gardening sections and find your favorite bunch. Some other beauties that enjoy the season as much as we do are pansies, miscanthus grass, camellias, and lenten roses. There are so many more but these are a great place to start.

For those plants that can’t tolerate the cooler temperatures, bring them inside to nurse them through the winter. Besides adding some color, they’ll keep your home feeling relaxed and invigorating with their air purifying abilities. Not a bad deal, eh?

Another important landscaping tip of the season is to fertilize your lawn if you have cool-season grass. This is best done before it starts to loose its color – so typically in October or November. This will ensure the green bounces back quickly in the Spring. You can also overseed spots in your lawn that need a little more growth in October to early November. When raking leaves to help keep the grass from dying, you might also consider starting a compost pile to later be used as fertilizer.

All of these will help ensure a smooth transition into the colder months and prepare for a stress-free Spring. Plus your yard will look stunning for the fall months.

Blog 10-9 Images Flowers


Clean, Clean, Clean

We all know that this is a favorite among all homeowners – the cleaning part. And when it comes to the exterior of our homes, it becomes exceptionally enjoyable… (Not really..). To keep your home looking presentable and functional, we have to keep up with some seasonal upkeep to avoid bigger problems down the road. This includes, but is not limited to, power-washing your house, driveway, walkways, and porch, cleaning the windows, clearing out the gutters, and wiping down doors and other exposed surfaces.

Blog 10-9 Images Clean

Touch Up Time

The small details will make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home, and potential buyers or simply your dinner guests will take notice to the remarkable condition your home is in. After you’ve done all of your cleaning, it’s time for the touch-ups – i.e. paint touch-ups, wood filler for cracks or damaged wood, extra layer of mulch, oiling up those squeaky hinges, staining those spots that got a little too much wear and traffic, and replacing those burnt out bulbs you’ve been putting off for awhile. Don’t feel limited to just these final touches, as the list could go on forever, but it is good to keep up with the little things so they don’t become big things in the future. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Blog 10-9 Images Touch Up

What have you been doing to prepare for Fall and Winter? Are any of these new to you?

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