Love Your Lighting This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection, and typically all of February is consumed by the gifts, glitz, and glam that are meant to show just how much you care. Many are skeptical of this holiday and find ways to make this season of love uniquely theirs. From Galentine’s day to “Treat Yo Self Day,” there is no end to the ways in which this holiday can be celebrated. With endless possibilities we wanted to narrow in on one way to spread the love this Valentine’s Day: fall in love with your lighting and home design all over again and celebrate the accomplishment and pride in your beautiful surroundings.

To kick things off we wanted to share some stunning fixtures and some home design inspiration that you might just fall for…


CecilRay16109Carn_022-Mariana Home-170356-gold-framed-mirror-antique-finish

A little home decor goes a long way, not to mention a wall mirror helps you give yourself a little love as you catch the reflection of your beautiful self.

CecilRay16109Carn_027-Mariana Home-151020-180067-black-marble-table-lamp-white-and-gold-console-table

Create a warm and inviting entryway with home decor and layered lighting. Gold is a big trend this year as well and for a good reason. Its warmth and rich tone gives the home a cozy yet chic feeling that you’re sure to fall for.

CecilRay16109Carn_093-Mariana Home-180076-180065-silver-marble-chandelier-master-bedroom-design

Creating a romantic space is a key factor on this lovey dovey holiday. Create a dream space that embodies everything that makes you feel all the warm fuzzies inside, whether it’s with rich jewel tones or bright, elegant pastels – make it yours.


Maybe your idea of love is bold and colorful, and you’re just missing some vibrant hues in your home to make it the drool-worthy design you’ve always wanted.


Maybe your happy place is visiting with loved ones over a home-cooked meal. Make sure you’re dining space is well lit so the light-hearted conversations can last well into the evening hours.



And you thought that romantic things only came in heart-shaped boxes and adorable plush animals… Wrong-oh – this elegant, delicately sophisticated fixture is dripping with crystal accents, reminiscent of small leaves or shells, and is oh-so-romantic indeed.


Talk about a romantic getaway, but oh wait! Is this? Could it be? This oasis is actually just a few steps away, in your own master bathroom. Draw a bath, toss some flower petals into the warm waters, light some aromatic candles and drift away into your own heaven on earth as the problems of your day just melt away.


Set the mood with some layered lighting – any space in your home can become a cozy place to relax and sip on a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Pendants, sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps are just a few ways to get started…

SHA_2324 LR-Warwick-Tamara-Day-Bargain-Mansions-DIY-Network-HGTV-Growing-DaysSHA_2455 LR-Warwick-Tamara-Day-Bargain-Mansions-DIY-Network-HGTV-Growing-Days


This oh-so-dreamy pendant chandelier features artisan quality milk glass and the gorgeous warm gold we noted earlier. With glass that is hand-blown and a work of art in itself, celebrate the unique one-of-a-kind feature of your lighting with Skyler Collection. You’ll truly fall in love with these treasures for your home.

LNSH_007-Mariana Home-blue-table-lamp-modern-classic-color

Spread some self-love and brighten up your personal workspace with a darling table lamp. You’ll thank yourself for the extra light on those dreary mornings or the next time you have a late night, creative thought to jot down.


Talk about setting the mood – the happy mood we mean. Make your workspace a place you love to be – full of light and devoid of clutter.


For some, food is near and dear to their hearts making the kitchen an invaluable space in their home. Whether you’re a chef or just a food lovin’ fool, the kitchen needs to be well lit and ready for action this Valentine’s day, no matter which side of the island you’re on…


Cozy up in your dream modern farmhouse and appreciate the little things that make bigs things easy to love. These red velvet dining chairs, the perfect pendant light, and the rustic dark wood table help make this dining room design a warm, inviting space that you’ll adore.


With a little extra space in your master bedroom, make yourself right at home and create a cozy sitting area. The spaciousness of your room makes it feel like you’re own little getaway to spend some time with your loved one. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to set aside the craziness of life and treasure your relationships. Why not take a trip down memory lane, pull out old pictures or reminisce about those first dates together? Remind yourselves how much you’ve been through together and how you ended up here on this Valentine’s Day, enjoying the beautiful home you created together.

Willis16111Carn_068-Mariana Home-modern-glam-luxury-gold-neutral-chandelier-pendant-lighting

Jewelry doesn’t have to just be for your loved one, it can also be for your home. Gold, silver, crystal, you name it. Adorn your home with the finest jewelry that will stand the test of time and show you the brighter side of things. You guessed it, we’re talking about lighting. It’s the element that can make or break a design and its an investment worth investigating. Love your home and love your lighting.



Talk about a class A space, ready for an evening of relaxation and maybe a martini or two. We spend so much time worrying about what is filling the rooms and decorating the walls that we often forget to show some love to our ceilings. Check out this creative space and share some love for this farmhouse, glam combo.


Just how we should feel like royalty on this celebratory day of love and affection, you should also make your home feel important too. Why not give your pride and joy investment its own crown? This 12 light stunner will make you and your home proud to be part of your royal family.

SHA_8772-Charlotte-Tamara-Day-Bargain-Mansions-DIY-Network-HGTV-Growing-Days-440692-Maddox-6-Light-Pendant-ivory-gold-two-toned-modern-contemporary-glam-mid-century-statementSHA_8646 HR-Charlotte-Tamara-Day-Bargain-Mansions-DIY-Network-HGTV-Growing-Days-440692-Maddox-6-Light-Pendant-ivory-gold-two-toned-modern-contemporary-glam-mid-century-statement-edit

For a classy kind of love, make the bedroom comforting and your own kind of cloud nine throwback. From extra pillows to lighting the space with some vintage bulbs, you’ll find a way to please that timeless style desire.

locust master after-Locust-Tamara-Day-Bargain-Mansions-DIY-Network-HGTV-Growing-Days-edit-380965-Spectrum-9-Light-Pendant-champagne-soft-gold-glam-modern-luxury-crystal-chandelier

Sometimes all that you want is to kick back and relax in your eclectic, bohemian space. Start a cozy fire to warm up your toes, and sip on some lavender tea as you reflect on all the wonderful people in your life and on everything that just seems to be going right. You are so loved and sometimes you need to remind yourself to love you, too.

We hope you found some inspiration in this assortment of designs and maybe found a few you’re falling for. Click on the images to find the lighting on our website or just start exploring here. We wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day and hope you’ve found some ideas on how you can show your home some love this year too.

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